The Juat Sibs Sing Ariana Grande A CAPELLA! | America’s Most Musical Family Premiere

– Out here with our third performance. Three harmonizing sisters and
their human beatbox brother. It’s the Juat Sibs! (cheering) (harmonized scat singing) ♪ I looked in my rear view mirror and ♪ ♪ It seemed to make a lot more sense ♪ ♪ Than what I see ahead of us, ♪ ♪ Ahead of us, yeah. ♪ ♪ Uh I’m ready to make that turn ♪ ♪ Before we both crash and burn ♪ ♪ But that could be the death of us, ♪ ♪ The death of us, ♪ ♪ Baby you know how to drive in rain ♪ ♪ And You decided not to make a change ♪ ♪ Hey, boy when I think that we found it ♪ ♪ Well that’s when we
start turnin’ around ♪ ♪ You’re saying baby don’t worry ♪ ♪ But we’re still going the wrong way ♪ ♪ I feel like my heart is
stuck in bumper to bumper ♪ ♪ Traffic, I’m under pressure
’cause I can’t have you ♪ ♪ The way that I want ♪ ♪ Let’s just go back to the way it was ♪ ♪ When we were on Honeymoon Avenue ♪ ♪ Honeymoon Avenue ♪ ♪ My baby, coastin’ like crazy ♪ ♪ Can we get back to the way it was ♪ (cheering) – You guys! That was so good you guys. I could feel, before you started, some nerves. And then it was like the music took you over, and you got in your groove. (upbeat music)