The Nobel Funk Off: Funk n’ Peace Full Song

All right, what would you rather? Reduce worldwide famine by 10%? or, knock out a tune that will inspire
an entire generation? It depends on what it inspires them to do. Whatever is important to that other person! I think, I would knock out the tune There will be some that will work towards reducing the famine. Others that will discover medical breakthroughs. Others will fight prejudice. Alright, two minutes, guys! Ok, comrades! Let’s rock this joint! ohhh……Welcome friends, from near and far to the Nobel Funk Off We’re going to play some tunes for you , we will be funking off I’d love to introduce you, if i may, to the band A peace train of love & soul so please clap your hands On Keys we have the selfless Mahatma GoGo Ghandi On Decks the effervescent & soulful Mother T His Holiness, Diddy Lama handing out more Karma on the Bass Martin Luther The king, will drive a beat to the heart of any race! we are all here my brothers & sisters we are here as friends to give you some Funk n Peace Mikhail Gorbachev breaking down barriers on the strings Mr T Bone making sure all is kosher on the wings Nelson the Man Dela will be singing tunes for peace Kofi, goes by 2 Sugars, and he will be keeping it sweet! I am the Barrack Attack & together we will give you some Give me some Funk n Peace Stop, you gotta stop Stop taking the Peace