The Story Behind “Funky Drummer” One Of The Most Sampled Songs Of All Time | Genius News

Letty: It’s one of the most sampled songs
in music, 1970’s “Funky Drummer” by James Brown and another iconic musician you might not know about. Letty: According to WhoSampled, the track’s
been weaved into over 1000 songs. And in hip-hop, “Funky Drummer” has been
a go-to for producers like Dr. Dre and Kanye West. And while James Brown is deservedly celebrated,
there is an unsung hero here… Clyde Stubblefield: I’m Clyde Stubblefield,
the original funky drummer as they say. Letty: That’s right, the man behind one
of the most famous drum breaks, has hardly been acknowledged—all because his name isn’t
in the “Funky Drummer” credits. Stubblefield: I played what I felt but he owned it. Letty: Clyde Stubblefield died in early 2017 at age 73, but his solo on “Funky Drummer” lives on. Letty: And here’s what “Funky Drummer” sounds like sped-up. Stubblefield: I never got a thanks, I never
got a hello, how you doing or anything from any of the rap artists. The only one I got a thanks from was Melissa Etheridge. Letty: Pop stars also used “Funky Drummer” in their catalogue. Letty: This drum break even made it into
a cartoon. But no matter how many times “Funky Drummer” is sampled, Clyde’s solo remains one of a kind. Stubblefield: So that’s it, that’s the “Funky Drummer.”