The technique that CHANGED IT ALL (well, not EVERYTHING…)

[Music] hi how is it possible you can immediately hear it when the skilled guitarist is playing well a lot of it has to do with hitting the strings like a boss instead of like loose I’ll keep this video short so you have more time practicing stuff so I’m keeping it simple you really need to be able to play a random note on a random string with a random finger and then hitting all the strings but only hearing the note you’re threading commuted sound of the other strings will make your notes and full and rich lots of attack [Music] if you’ve got trouble with this I strongly recommend you start learning this technique stop practicing those sweeps what if you don’t master this technique you won’t be able to play these songs with the same density as needed friends in the song can’t stop by the Chili Peppers if you play without muting off the strings it sounds like this with the muting it sounds like this [Applause] hmm [Applause] what song try enjoy the Seagrave on [Applause] you can’t have that sound without using that technique who did you think I was a John Mayer lots of blues songs and every funk song ever and even songs like yes smells like teen spirit so let’s have a closer look at it my index finger plays but five on a D string the bottom three strings are covered by my index finger it touches them slightly so that the strings are immutable then the tip press it down on fat five mm-hmm and a tip generally touches the a string as well so I’ve got four muted strings and one press now the only problem right now is to e string I covered that long with my thumb or with my middle finger preferably both because you have a double safety and it eliminates unwanted harmonics can be really difficult playing this when you haven’t done this before so don’t worry if it doesn’t work out first time mm-hmm so now has another note for resin step seven on the D string to play with your ring finger or with your pinkie [Music] the next step could be training string so we played put five and seven on the D string now play fat five and seven on the g string with it a string five and seven on the eight the energy string the next step will be playing the pentatonic scale on every position until your neighbor starts complaining or someone comes walking in telling you how funky that sounds you try the same with power chord basic triad shapes funky courts like 9 4 minus 7 and now it’s time to quit watching videos more like one of these and start practicing have fun good luck and I hope this tip will make you good luck and I hope this tip will make you sound funky yeah have a nice day bye