Theremini | Dorit Chrysler

you and Dodd Chrysler I played a theremin and I am the co-founder of the New York Thurman Society it’s pretty wild what Moke has done you have the basic principle of how you play a theremin but you can do so much more what really makes it super interesting is that you can alter each preset to your own liking adjust the amount of delay you can adjust the range you can adjust the color and then you can keep the setting and then you can very quickly while you’re playing jump from setting to setting I was quite surprised the sounds we got out of this theremin we had some really nice low big sounding you know classic Moog low drones there also were some interesting theory especi things it’s so easy to just put on your table and plug it in it has its own speakers it’s interesting to play with the different levels and it has like a completely different sound color and effect when you have that pitch control and I think it’s nice for people that start the theremin to maybe have a little help in the beginning I don’t think it’s going to hurt them understanding the theremin or learning how to play it I think it will just help not being so frustrated in the beginning we just can really have a little treasure box in here so very nice