This Chinese Live Music Performance is…Fake?

Hey guys! So we were browsing on YouTube the other day, Hey guys! So, we were browsing across… across, in, f, on! Hey guys! It’s been a long day. Hey guys! So, we were browsing YouTube the other da- Ugh, faaach… Hahahaha! Hey guys! So we were browsing YouTube the other day, and we came across this… very interesting musical live performance. Now, we don’t really know what the context of this video is. But it seems to be a live performance broadcast on Chinese television. And let’s just say that… they did an oopsie. Now, to be fair, these oopsies are very subtle. But! Being your favourite classical musicians detectives online, we feel like it’s our calling to present to you guys… * Chinese vs Western Music Battle * Brett: Woah, look at that instrument! What’s it called? I don’t know. Is it a Chinese instrument? Must be. We clearly have no idea about these instruments. I don’t know. Looks cool! Alright, I know this isn’t related yet, and you guys are probably dying to know what the oopsies are. But just side tangent story, I’ve always thought the guzheng was the coolest instrument after watching… I think it’s called Kung Fu like this Asian martial arts movie. And the guy was like an assassin. And he played the guzheng. It’ll be like and like daggers would come out like – That’s right guys, instruments are weapons.
– The best movie! Instruments are weapons! – Yes!
– Yeah! Okay. Violin! Now it’s our domain of expertise! Okay! – Let it begin!
– Hahahaha! Okay, so so far it looks pretty good. Not suspicious. It’s not like the movie acting video we made earlier where the fingerings and bowings are just completely off. She’s playing the right fingerings, she’s playing the right bowings, and the time is right. Two things are slightly suspicious. Eddy: First of all, look how much rosin is on that violin. Brett: Yup! Do you know any professional violinists with that much rosin on the violin? No, cuz you have to look after your instrument, and clean it! Mhm. Also, the second suspicious thing. Fun fact: Four fine tuners. Oooohh, you’re not a pro if you need four fine tuners! Fine tuners kinda help make tuning easier, and most professionals only have one. Yes. Beginners have four. Obviously, I’m not quite there yet. I’m on two. Eddy’s- Hahahaha! Eddy’s half way! Guys, this is a PRO! Here’s a one. Everyone keeps telling me to remove it. – I just haven’t got around to removing it.
– Yeah. Well, the point is because the fine tuners actually restrict the sound. Yup! But it’s easier to tune. It’s easier to tune, so most beginners have that. – It makes sense.
– Mm. TSAHH CHAHT!! – She did an oopsie!
– PCHAH! Oopsie!! Can I explain it? Yeah, you explain. So what happened there is… I think I heard of a vibrato… – On an open string!
– OhhHh… OooOhHhHHh!! Okay, just to demonstrate. She played an open string on the A, she went… And then she lifted all her fingers, which means… That’s an open string. There’s no… It’s just- There’s no oscillation. – Yeah, wah-wah-wah-wah…
– Now but if you listen to the music, you can hear Do you hear that vibrating like wah-wah… So, when you hear… but you see… Here’s what it sounds like. Are you ready? Brett: Hahahaha! It’s beginning to look a little bit suspicious. Why would they need to dub over someone that looks like she can play the violin perfectly, yet is using a completely rosin-caked violin and play- with, and with fine tuners as well. And is it dubbed? Or- I don’t know. Let’s just not judge too quickly. Yup. Maybe it’s the glitch in the sound audio. Yup… But that’s one strike. Oopsie! Oopsie number 2!!! Okay so right there guys, is a perfect example of another oopsie. I think I heard notes that are separated by bow changes, but his bow was moving in one direction. Meaning he connected the notes. If you listen carefully, this is what you’ll hear. When you change the bow, you can hear “ta, ta, ta,” articulation. But if you look, he played it like this, So, very suspicious. – Hmmm…
– I think that’s a strike 2, guys. – Hmmm…
– 3 strikes- – We’ll still give you one more strike before-
– Yeah, cuz we like to have our doubts. – That’s okay.
– Yeah. Now this one is not strictly an oopsie because technically it is possible. But! Hmm… I find it a little bit hard to believe that she produced such… equal sounding bow changes at the tip and right at the frog with that kind of straight pinkie she had. Because… because the frog is very heavy, so… normally you’d change… here. – Yeah.
– You would not play that… Yeah. It’s too- Sounds raspy. Unless you’re Hilary Hahn, and unless you’re doing a Ling Ling workout, – There’s no reason you gotta play that there.
– there’s no… exactly. – Yeah.
– Exact- But, we don’t- – Who knows? Who knows?
– Who knows? Let’s just not judge. That’s not a strike. It’s not a strike. Not quite yet… Borderline… There’s another one. Argh… Hahahaha! HAHA! That’s not strictly an oopsie yet. No, we will give them… another chance. You know… We’re being very generous here, but… I hear tremolo… And tremelo that sound is when you do… But if you look, she does one bow. But you know, maybe the cameraman focused on the wrong person. – Yeah, maybe the camera foc- yeah! Yeah.
– And the other violinist was doing the tremolo, – There’s another…
– so- May- maybe, just maybe, just- Not an oopsie! Don’t worry about that, guys. Oopsie!! Oopsie!! Ohh okay. Alright, I’m not holding back. Hahahaha! That was too obvious! – Can we listen to it again? I wanna-
– Yeah, let’s just- Just make make sure we heard the right thing. Ow my hand… That is… That is… No, no, okay. Okay. There’s two things, his left hand as well. Oh my god, okay. I hate to be a critic! But, When you hear the… It’s called a spiccato! The bow is actually leaving the string. But you see his bow not leave the string. Tchaikovsky 3rd movement: Always around here. But if I do what he did, It’s impossible, bruh! And on top of that, what I just saw the double oopsie. Look at the left hand! Alright guys, 3 strikes. It’s official there’s… They must be dubbing or something… I don’t know, but they’re faking. There’s something fake about this performance. Oh wow! It’s offic- TwoSet verified: It’s a fake! Oh, dammit. So at this point, I’m wondering like… Like what is happening? Is this a fake audience? And a fake performance? And they dubbed it? Were they playing a dubbed live, so the audience heard the dubbed- – Kinda like lip syncing in pop concert right?
– Yeah, so… Yeah! You can fake singing without making a sound. – But it’s a lot harder to fake violin playing
– Yes… without making a sound. Yeah, so there must’ve been sound there. Unless they blasted it louder. Look, I do think it’s an amazing performance. So much effort was put into the stage performance. Obviously, the people there are musicians, they can play. They look amazing. But, you know we’re just being classical nerds, and thought we would just point out these little… little… quirks in their performance. Mhm. But I mean, what do you guys think? Is it… Do you guys think this is fake? Do you guys… do you think this is real? What are the theories behind? Why you think- You know what… Don’t let this put you down. I think- Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Yes. Don’t believe what we’re saying. Maybe we’re full of crap as well. – That’s right, guys!
– Just… – It’s like-
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