This Is What An Eco-Friendly Music Festival Looks Like

Lina Lina hop beats away lightning in a bottle actually started as a birthday party we had been going to some other festivals we were kind of turned off by all the litter you get on the ground and just kind of people’s mentality where they didn’t care and they thought because I’m at a festival I can just throw my water bottle on the ground and it doesn’t matter because someone’s paid to go pick it up we made the decision early on that we were just gonna go the complete opposite direction clean we just realized that it’s it’s about baby steps it’s about the process it’s about the little things that we can do to lessen our footprint but we we recognize that like we’re not green it’s a festival [Music] but we know it’s also our responsibility to less than that footprint and do what we can for the environment and also educating people as to how they can you know live their lives in a more sustainable way sustainability is implemented Li B because it’s an integrated part of the planning process the fact that the production is willing to do it and they’re focused on it and they have a dedicated team that’s step one we work really hard to divert as much material from the landfill as possible through waste reduction low input LED lighting bio diesel generators and we integrate solar in ways when we can when it’s cost-effective donating all the leftover tents or any useable camping gear we source separate all sorts of waste materials through our cardboard stream or scrap metal stream through commingled recycling and through organic compost all that is composted locally and used for farms around Bakersfield music festivals are always a launching platform and a weight a place to wake up for people everyone’s supposed to go out into their you know various corners of the world after that and use that new knowledge give are already going through transformative experiences they’re outside their comfort zone you know they’re forced to do all sorts of things aren’t they would normally do you know people like text me like I didn’t even think about this until you know you taught me about this I wasn’t even thinking about the things I’m buying or you know how much packaging is coming with this or whatever it might be the educational component is huge for us and wellness you know whether it’s yoga and meditation or different movement workshops this is more than just a party there’s always an option to do that but there’s a lot of hours in the day and when you have a five-day event having all of these different workshop areas and and classrooms and educational components to it is you know one of the more rewarding elements that we can offer because that’s what inspires change vision behind the learning kitchen is to empower festival goers to teach them how to nurture and nourish themselves through plant-based cooking classes using local organic foods and they’re not buying prepackaged frozen fast food all these things that are very consumption heavy and wasteful [Music] and I know some other festivals start to bring some of these initiatives into their events and and others don’t and it’s understandable it’s a lot of work it’s hard to survive in this industry just by selling tickets and and keeping costs down as much as possible and when you look at sustainability a lot of people are just like I would be great to do that but it’s more money it’s more manpower that’s a line item that we’re just gonna cut and it is unfortunate that it does take extra effort to actually go the extra mile but if you’re committed to it you just do it and it is what it is and you find ways to save in other areas or you find ways to make it work if we don’t do this now then we’re just destroying ourselves in the future that’s one of the greatest costs I think it’s much more than about money [Music]