Thunderstruck Intro – AC/DC – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

Hi, I’m Bobby [christe] this video is from a guitar in series. So today. I’ll show how to play the intro to Thunderstruck by Ac/dC So I’ll play it first then I’ll show us page. No flow using tabs Okay, here goes It’s all on the second string B and you’re always alternating between notes and the open string so it’s No, open no, Bolton. I select that through the whole intro Okay, so the first part play open note be 2nd string 4th fret pull off 7th pull off so Forth 7th They do that eight times Move that up one fret position to the fifth fret pull off open eighth fret second string pull off You do that eight times And back to the fourth and then seventh fret do that eight times again? Back [to] the fifth fret position again and play that again eight times Then same thing second string 12th fret pull off death fret pull off 9th fret pull off Then move it down 10th fret pull off nice bluff someone’s pull off Nice pull off 7/3 just pull off Seventh ha Fourth Blah, and then just pull off Force pull off and do that three times different fourth So once again slowly that sucker And have a piece several times after [that] They do okay. Ah that’s a lesson. I hope you have found it [helpful] and thanks for watching