I was involved in sports when
I was younger, but those good habits disappeared
during the years. I started to notice that my body
does not react and does not look like I would like it to.
Like most of you, I am too lazy for some
serious training so these exercises that I will show
you are the right thing. They are very easy, very
short and they will make a miracle out of your life. At least they did make it out of
my life during those ten years as exercise them. The
name is Five Tibetans. I’ll show you how simple they are. You do not
need any equipment for the exercises, just some blanket or towel l to put on the ground. The first
exercise goes like this: stand straight, with
arms raised horizontally, parallel to the ground, palms toward ground. Start turning around to the right, very slowly,
especially at the beginning. Make 3 spins and stop. If you feel dizzyat the end,
put your palms in front of your face and look at your
thumbs for a few seconds. Second exercise is also easy. Lie down and put
your hands beside the hips, and while inhaling, start lifting your head and your legs. During the
exhale slowly bring them down. While inhaling,
lift just the head, not the shoulders, shoulders
should remain down. Repeat the exercise 3 times. The third exercise is on the knees.
Kneel with your body straight and your chin on your chest.
Legs are slightly spread, toes are bended, the
palms are at your back, or below the bottom, and
start lifting your head and band it back down as
much as you can. Inhale while you are lifting
head, and exhale while you bring your chin back to the chest.
Do it three times. The fourth exercise is in the sitting position.
Legs are slightly spread, palms are beside
your hips, you lean on them and start lifting
your body while inhaling and banding your knees.
Maybe it won’t be easy at the beginning, but raise
your hips as high as you can, it will be quite enough.
During the time, you will go higher. The fifth exercise
is the last one. Make a sort of hanging bridge
on your palms and toes. While inhaling, start
bending and lifting up your hips, and pull your
chin toward the chest. While exhaling, return to
the starting position, your face looking upwards. Try to put the heels as close to the
ground as you can, during the time you will be able
to touch the ground. You start these exercises with
three repeating each of them. You do so for a week and then raise
the number of repeating to five. In the third
week you do each exercise seven times and so on
until you get to 21 repeating after ten weeks. And
that is the maximum number. Tibetan exercises
are recommended for older people, so if you are
in twenties or thirties, they will be very easy for you. And they will
help you to feel much better. If you start your day with them, you
will improve your looks, your health, and then, I trust
you will get interested in some other things in your life. That is how I came to Yoga, then to my TV show
KosmoS, then to some interesting people, and
now, my whole life is different, much healthier
and much more beautiful.