Tokyo Ghoul √A ED (Acoustic Guitar) – Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku【Tabs】

日本語 subtitles will be available soon! English lyrics by: LittleJaynayCakes The seasons die out one by one, their lives fade to gray. Their cries of death, become the wind, and then blow away, A man much too sober to, enjoy the city’s view, He wastes away, so pointlessly, looking at the moon. This life that’s slowed down to a stop – a stick in the mud, With rain that’s tainted with a taste of pure alcohol, With apathy these eyes; they glow in the city lights I know I haven’t done a thing but I still feel guilty … It’s as though, I’m alone, just living life as a bare shadow, And by now, I can’t be sure, if I’m ‘me’ anymore. If I sing out to the rain, will the sun come out again? I’m nothing but a dried-up life, in this busy summer full of light, Dear, my most hated Past, I’m ready at last – to leave you behind, Even if these steps I make –
Lead to the last breath I’ll take, A path paved with nightmares and horrible days
the trail I’ve left behind me, Someday these flowers will bloom, and they’ll float down to you – wiping this life anew, Even through my suffering, even through my endless grief, With no sunlight breaking through the clouds above,
The song in my heart, plays on! Tired eyes and heavy feet, dragged along the hot concrete, I’m frowning at the sun’s red rays, glaring through the sunset’s haze I’m not sure if I should go – Should I return to what I know? Then I find I’m turning back,
to face my pain-filled awful past, That’s right! I know that I’ve got to fight! I must try my best to live,
even if there’s no purpose, After all we’ve been spared,
saved and picked from despair, We’ll leave these fractured memories
scattered far behind … Dear my broken down past … I’m feeling now at last the nostalgia you’ve left, Just like those god-awful days and nightmares that never fade, As close to me as I thought they would always stay, I realize they’re behind me …