Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Lesson – House of the Rising Sun Breakdown

all right let me gently lead you through the House of the Rising Sun this is an old song and if if you’ve never heard it before it’s it makes a wonderful instrumental I mean it’s a great vocal too I first heard the animals do it with Eric Burdon back in the 60s and everybody knows that and that’s a very iconic sound isn’t it everybody knows that sound I also heard Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler jamming on at one time and and no it sounded sound and wonderful I stole a lot of ideas from them I’m going to show you some of those those ideas this song was originally called a house in New Orleans I think and so anyway let me lead you through it so it to play the melody correctly in new they call and that’s the correct melody far as I know sir let me show you how many what I’m doing here so I’ve got my boom chick going as my as my backing and then the melody I’m trying to sustain the melody notes while I mute the bass notes so there’s there’s two separate things going on there now let me just show you something here when I come up to the High Court ice purposely slide up to it because that’s what a voice they go you see that dingy call the Rising Sun so I try to get that deep let that sound so I go which is a typical blues so I I hammer on the food like that they come and then I switch to that and it’s me he’s 7 for the raise 9 and I’m using my pinky to do that you see then I’m covering the the two high strings to be in the e with my with my pinky there they’re nice now in order to get that little trill and that kind of vocal thing that I do there I go as I do that I could see this muscle sticking out here you know and which means that I’ve put my hands to work a lot to get that kind of clarity on that on that trill let me just go through that see that and to join the two versus up I do a little which is just a minor G if he backs in the back to the melody now this the second time instead of going to lead up to the high thing the second time you can do what I saw chap do and that is this he used an Augmented in that a great sound yeah it’s a beautiful sound so let me just play that through that last section for then so that’s the basis and the basics of House of the Rising Sun I also want to point out one little thing that I didn’t do before but I’m doing now that I’m instructing you on this I’m just going to put this on right now and that is sometimes I do a little lick on the end of the the verse which people really like and a lot of people III hear guys playing this song and I hear some of my licks which makes me very happy that means that people like that stuff that I I come up with and I’ll show you what it is instead of going I go that’s it so I go I’m using I’m using an e seventh with an Augmented there so you’re a minor it’s kind of a funky little spot the outside lick that I really like and so I put it in there years ago and I saw people light up when I played that leak but when I play this song in tempo sometimes I’ll play a little faster than what I’ve been teaching you so it’ll sound like this and and that’s how you make it different and make it your own by putting your own little personality on it so I hope you enjoy working on House of the Rising Sun