Tomorrowland 2018 Exposed Review The Untold TRUTH

this is a video about the untold truth
about Tomorrowland I will probably get crucified for this video think for
yourself why why other people don’t want you to see this why they don’t want you
to know that their trips at Tomorrowland is not so great as they show you on
Facebook and Instagram everything you see is what they want you to see the
things that they don’t show and tell you the lies beyond the after movie and the
information that they don’t provide before the festival you will see my
pictures an official Tomorrowland pictures over crowding over sale of
tickets as you will see the organizers over sold tickets much more tickets was
sold then the stages can absorb combined here is a picture capturing the whole
part from above I will explain what you see in the next two slides you will see
where are the stages the toilets the water points and food in this half of
the previous picture you can see two stages rose garden and freedom stage as
you can see rose garden is full and I will prove you that freedom stage is
also full and next slides full means that you cannot get in even if you try
to push yourself in the stages are full the toilets and water point are full the
trails are full the picture was taken in the evening when most people are in the
main stage in this half of the picture you can also see that all of the stages
are full look for yourself how all the trails are full of people this phenomena
happens because there is no room in a stages and not resting sits for that
massive amount of people so people are moving from one part of the park to the
other hoping to get what it is promised good music and dancing floor here how it
looks like from the ground in the right picture the trails masses of people are
wandering around so much crowded in the left picture look at that massive crowds
waiting to the food area this is something you will not see in the
promotion videos or the after movie of Tomorrowland 2018
in this picture you can see the shading area covering minor part of the whole
eating zone most of the tables are under the sky what it means it means that if
there is a Sun you will burn and if there will be rain you will get wet
simple do you think the people that taken over the good shaded area will
leave it think again in Tomorrowland there is no sitting zone for resting as
you can see on the left picture people will sit on whatever they can mostly it
will be on the ground because there are no sitting places except from the
restaurants and the eating area which is always occupied by eating people those
people in the left picture are lucky because they have where to sit not on
the ground look how tight they sit next to each other you can see on the left
border someone sitting on the ground in the right picture you can see that they
put the water point near the toilets why you ask simple the water area for
drinking is also the water area for washing your hands after you went to the
toilets they don’t want you to drink regular water they want you to buy their
water giving you a bottle without a plug so you will not be able to full it and
save it for later as you will see everything in Tomorrowland is designed
to get you spend more money while you there here is the same picture but now
you understand what you see here is the park from another angle you see the
fairies wheel and after the white roof which is the freedom stage all the space
near it is a food zone as you can see less than 15% of it is covered from Sun
and rain what do you think happened to people when Sun hits them for so many
hours is it fun to eat while the Sun cooks you what do you think happens when
you eating a burger and rain starts and you have nowhere to go for cover
remember that freedom stage is almost always full look also how the trails are
always full masses of people are wandering around here is the park from
the main stage Ingle no shade the Sun no cover from rain if there is
some cover it’s minimal and the probability that it will be taken here
it is again all the trails are full masses of people no cover from rain or
Sun anywhere hope you remembered to get your hat on some areas of the park are
not a stone walks as in the right picture but a dusty ground as you can
see on the left picture what happens to your shoes when you walk on that kind of
ground now imagine that it rains everything in the left picture will be
muddy and again you have no cover here is the proof that I promised you that
the stages are full you come to Tomorrowland thinking you will see all
the great artists but after arrival they say the stages are full so no famous DJ
for you sorry would you pay entrance to the club when the club is full I could
not see artists I came to see they over sold tickets you have to wait at the
stage for hours before the artist performs in order to get your place
people will not give away their place and you will face a man-made wall not
able to get in even if you use some force now let’s assume that you got in
what do you think it’s like to be so condensed with so many people near you
do you think you could dance at you imagining yourself dancing think again
you will not be able to move but up and down if you need to go to the toilets or
drink water you will not be able to get back also do you think it is easy to
dance how many smartphones was stolen here how
hard is it inside what about the underarm odor of the guys in the picture
or their sweat that sticks to you like it did to me this is the freedom stage
from the inside the heat inside is not a welcomed experience as you can see the
stage is full I did not take this picture it’s their photograph excessive
commercialization everything in Tomorrowland is designed so that you
will spend more money why we need pearls to confuse us when we
buy things in Tomorrowland it is well known technique to trick customers when
using a different currency which gives you cheaper prices a regular person most
of the time will see the price and will not do the equivalent in real money sure
you might do the conversion once or twice but after walking for 6 plus hours
plus Sun and rain you want a half liter bottle of water cost 2 and the half
pearls now do a conversion and see how much it costs why providing shade from
the Sun and shelter from the rain when you can sell umbrellas see for yourself
and think how much joy it is to dance in full Sun or rain for 6 plus hours it is
not look the crazy weather they just don’t care no shade from the Sun and
heat no shelter from the rain the host of Tomorrowland in the hotel taught us
that it is usually not that sunny in Belgium but if it’s not sunny it will be
raining and you will get soaked wet the only condition that it’s considered good
weather it will be cloudy with no rain the probability of getting such thing is
very low they know what is going to come and they know what to sell you to make
you feel better to ease the pain everything is arranged so that you would
stay in the compound and waste as much money as possible you can see the
shuttle hours on the left picture if you are in the global journey the shuttles
bring you to the park at 12:00 noon if you leave you will not be able to get in
and you have to stay until the end to get the shuttles back which means they
make sure you will be in the compound for 12 hours while you there they make
sure you will not enter any food or water inside why so you could buy their
food of course in the right picture this is the plan for someone who took the
Belgian journey a pre-party for Tomorrowland it was one day before the
Tomorrowland party starts it was on Antwerp a city far away from Brussels
where our hotel was they walk you around again from noon and
shuttles back to the hotel are at 10:00 in the evening if you will not able to
bear it till then then it’s your problem we took a taxi to the hotel which cost
120 euro the pre-party was lame under the sky with no cover
also the dreamville people left the party for a dream Ville party on 5 in
the evening so 2/3 of the people left the party name oh and don’t forget if
you think of leaving also other people like you thinking it taxi prices will
rise a lot it will be painful to leave if you wanted you could take a detox day
to relax after Tomorrowland let’s see what you’re really getting you are not
picked up from the hotel you do not know where they are taking you you again
stayed stuck in another compound probably a far compound so taxi will be
a painful cost I did not take that day gladly look you need to take a 20 plus
minutes walk from the hotel to the pickup point on your relaxation day yes
they are taking images that not show the true reality of Tomorrowland those
pictures that you see are taken with professional GRU and when the park is
just open near noon or even before when people don’t arrive yet look on the left
picture how there are no people on the tables sun is at noon nobody want to
stay in the Sun and taking position under the shade which does not cover
more than 25% of this area look how there are no huge lines to the food
shops here is a proof of the professional crew taking pictures and
filming videos what you see here is the crew using makeup and very nice colors
on the girl a homemaker and a styles to make you the impression that it is so
much amazing on Tomorrowland look also that they are doing it on the trail
because they cannot get into the stage because there are so many people I’m a
woman so I invested a lot of time in my appearance if you are lucky they will
take a picture of you in the but usually they will photograph the
actresses that pretend to be a regular woman most pictures are of girls in the
videos you will see many selected girls but this is not the reality I did not
care that 70% were men in Tomorrowland but if you are a guy welcome to a cock
party think about it a guy see on the videos many girls he call his friends to
go to Tomorrowland which make more guys come thank God I am a girl if I was a
guy I would get extremely disappointed yay Marland is so much fun
not Tomorrowland is actually tomorrow he’ll I will explain why the long walks
here you can see how much I walked on every day this amount is insane the
reason you walk so much is because you don’t have anywhere to sit there is no
room in the stages and you’re constantly walking trying to get to a sweet spot
which never comes here are more evidence that show how much other people walk
during a day your legs gets destroyed as you can see the middle picture is
someone who been treated at the first aid and got back to rest arm dreamville
you can recognize the tent as you can see it was not just me walking around
all day by the way if you are staying in dreamville they will not let you get
back to the 10:00 until 5:00 in the evening because they want you to spend
more money inside when the day is over you will need to take another 40 minutes
of walk to the shuttles as if you haven’t walked enough now imagine all
the massive crowd walking together towards the exits it will take more than
40 minutes dreamville own nightmare Ville tents that penetrate rainwater
through them including the tents supplied by Tomorrowland inflatable
mattresses that the air got out during sleep so people sleep directly on the
floor long queues for showers and frozen water mosquitoes people who play music
all night and do not let you sleep dreamville own nightmare ville i let you
to decide why don’t we hear a lot of complaints some people really love
Tomorrowland they are going six times and know exactly what to do to enjoy one
to endure where to stay etc some people come for the videos and
photos Instagram and Facebook and after the great photos they have uploaded they
can not tell their friends how bad it was they would look stupid (Also my FB account got deleted after my post got 250 comments and hit TOP3 on Fb search)
other people traveled to Belgium from so far United States Japan etc they ashamed
to say ho disgraceful it was it took a lot of time to make this video and give
an honest review there is beautiful and impressive things in Tomorrowland mainly
the stages in the lasers and fireworks in the evenings on the second and last
day but it just don’t worth it if you still want to go I recommend buying the
tickets that starts from 5:00 in the evening and not to buy the first day
take the lockers near the main stage not near the entrance beware of thieves