Top 10 Easiest Guitar Riffs!

*Guitar Playing I Can’t Get No Satisfaction* Yeah… That riff right there? Easy as balls. *laughs* I mean I don’t like to be cocky but I can like… I can like, play that. But we’re gonna be looking at much easier riffs than that because today we’re counting down the top 10 easiest guitar licks or guitar riff-idges. So if you’re a new guitarist or Maybe you think you might want to start playing guitar because guitarists are like, kind of sexy… Then this list is for you cause these are some Easy. Ass. Riffs. Or EAR for short. Easy. Ass. Riffs. We’re gonna be looking at a lot of EAR’s today. A-ha! And here it is. Number 10 on our list. *Guitar Playing I Can’t Get No Satisfaction* This riff is so easy, this riff is such an EAR. And I guess it kinda has to be because Keith Richards is like, 117. So he can’t move his fingers quite as fast as he once could back in his prime in 1923. Now this riff, is so easy… You can play it while doing somersaults.. Like a Rolling Stone. HUH? See what I did there? Okay. Alright. Yeah, ‘Kay. *Guitar Playing I Can’t Get No Satisfaction* *Guitar messes up* Well that just happened. Gettin’ too old for these shenanigans. *Plays AC/DC’s Highway to Hell* *Jams continue in the background*
Now Angus Young was probably my biggest guitar inspiration when I first picked up a guitar. And this is one of his easiest riffs ever. To make it even easier, you can turn it into power chords. 🙂 *Plays guitar beautifully* *Uses voice to add angelic vocals behind playing* *Continues to play Highway to Hell while mimicking the beginning of the first verse* And this riff is sssssssssOoo easy!!!! You could play it with long nailsss. Oh, hi Hanna! *Begins to play riff again* Yeah Hanna! *Continues riff* *clicks tongue* *Attempts to rake with nails* Not very comfortable at all. Gotta say :/ nope *Plays the main riff to Come as You Are by Nirvana* Now the only tricky part of this riff about for beginners, is this part right here. When you’re picking that note, you gotta do the open A without muting it with your finger. Because a lot of guitarists might accidentally go. *Mutes string so it doesn’t ring out* So really they gotta practice that, se~. *Plays Riff again* Come, as you are as a friend *Mumbles off into sounds* *Starts to pick up speed* blast ooofff How did I to that? Now this riff so easy, you could play it while going klelelele- Now that’s actually way harder than it looks, hear me out. *Begins klelele-ing* *Continues to klelele while playing the riff* Ah! *Begins playing the riff to Psychosocial by Slipknot* Now there is only one thing easier than power chords, power chord in drop D (tuning thingy). Or drop A in this case, cause you only need one finger! *Begins playing again* And then you throw in some open string palm mutes and, BAM! You’ve got yourself one of the easiest Slipknot riffs, ever written. You don’t even have to do the palm mutes you could just go, *Lets every open string ring out* (Recommended if starting to learn this riff as a new guitarist) everyone will still know what riff you’re playing. Dan Dan Circumcision! Dan Circumcision! Dan And this riff is so easy, you could play it with gloves on. *ASMRRRR* *Begins playing riff with gloves on* *Continues riff while singing chorus* The fact that I have to take a, pee. *Begins playing riff to Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath So this actually a perfect riff for any guitarists who wanna learn how to do hammer-ons and pull-offs. *Demonstrates* Because of the whole