Top 10 Insane Backstage Demands Made by Musicians

Top 10 Weirdest Diva Requests
A rider request is a perk added on to an artists contract and they are usually pretty reasonable,
but reasonable is boring, so we’re gonna look at “diva requests”, the most absurd, hilarious
and downright childish requests from our favourite celebrities. 10. Justin Bieber
Starting us out is the pop wonder boy sensation, Justin Bieber, who has had a horde of adoring
fans since the age of 16, around the time he was discovered. By now he must be used to getting attention
and having everyone say “yes” all the time. Having a unique childhood can lead to understandably
odd behaviour – like requesting that nobody communicates with him directly, or in the
days of his fledgling relationship with Selena Gomez, that nobody plays any of her songs… 9. Selena Gomez
Bieber wasn’t alone in his relationship-drama antics. Another child star, Selena Gomez reportedly
could not have anyone utter the name “Justin” during the shooting of an Adidas commercial. What is it with celebrity drama that people
named Justin can come under crossfire because of the whims of teenage love? Is it unreasonable to control how people speak
in these cases? What if one of the crew on set was named Justin? 8. Van Halen
Van Halen put bizarre rider requests on the map. They famously requested a bowl of M&Ms backstage
with the brown ones removed. While you might be perplexed as to why anyone
would care about removing a candy colour from the mix – after all, let’s face it, the
colours all taste the same – their reasoning was pretty sound, actually: David Lee Roth
claims that it was a test to determine how thoroughly these contracts were read by the
people putting on the show. One show they played, where the on-stage weight
requirements were clearly stipulated, almost caused them to lose their lives as the stage
collapsed from beneath their feet. Since then, checking the bowl of M&Ms for
brown shells has been a sort of insurance policy. 7. Adele
Now we don’t have too much dirt on Adele, but this one incident is a good indicator
of letting her status get to her head. Spending time at a resort-hotel for celebrities
probably had some effect on her. While they claimed to have some of the “best
ovens” available, the singer-songwriter was insistent that the hotel staff pick-up
food from her favourite pizzeria… 70 miles away. So the staff member made the trip and came
back four hours later, after the pop star had already fallen asleep. Can you say cold pizza for breakfast? 6. Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has had a hard time in the media. Battling her inner demons and attachment to
booze can lead to some disastrous blunders. After breaking up with Russian fiancé, Egor
Tarabasov, she was contacted by a Russian talk show host interested in interviewing
her about the relationship. It reportedly took a few days for Lindsay
Lohan to drop the vodka and go into the studio, but even crazier was her request for: a 1
year Russian visa and a meeting with Vladimir Putin. Hmmm, very bizarre… we’re not too sure why
Putin would want to meet a young, Hollywood bad girl, at least maybe they’d both enjoy
the vodka. 5. Katy Perry
Katy Perry’s requests are kind of weird and psychedelic. She asks for egg-coloured chairs, cream or
soft-pink coloured drapes in the dressing room, and a fridge with a glass door. It’s about more than just décor with Perry,
though, she also asks the chauffeur provided to her does not speak to her, her guests,
her fans, nor look at her for too long from the rearview mirror, and especially not ask
her for her autograph while driving… well, the last one makes sense, but not being spoken
to? Really? To each their own… 4. Madonna
One of Perry’s idols, Madonna has been famous since the ’80s for her catchy tunes and hyper-sex’d
image. Maybe Katy got the flowers idea from Madonna
because it’s known that her rider requests include white and light-pink lilies and roses…
and perhaps the oddest request on this list, a new toilet seat for every venue. Well, who’s to judge her for that? Wouldn’t we all love a sterile toilet seat
wherever we go? You can never be too careful. 3. Queen
The award for most fun request on this list goes to the band Queen, who on one of their
tours requested a mud bath outside their dressing room, and people to be the “mud wrestlers”
for post-show entertainment. We can see how it can blow off some steam
to watch a bunch of people slip and slide in the mud after you’ve played your anthems
to tens of thousands of roaring fans in a stadium. You do what you gotta do. 2. Jennifer Lopez
Now don’t be fooled by the rider requests she’s got, she’s still Jenny from the block,
right? Jennifer Lopez a.k.a. J-Lo is so high on our
list because she’s known for being one of the most diva of the divas. She basically requests that everything be
white; white couch, white flowers, white table cloths, white drapes, white candles etc… what’s more, she’s asked for abundant hotel
rooms to house her travelling troupe of stylists and hair dressers. On the more humble side of things, and probably
telling of some child-hood nostalgia, J-Lo requests that a VCR and CD player must ABSOLUTELY
be available. 1. Axl Rose
For the top of our list, one of the craziest of them all is rocker Axl Rose whose demands
approach a new level of diva. Up until 2010, the man would require that
his dressing room be all black and decorated with red and white roses, which is almost
as weird as his request for a cubic melon. Hmmm, a cubic melon… we totally get his
request for seven types of cheese… but a cubic melon? Maybe this is some sort of insurance test
like Van Halen? Of course, we just want to point out that
the diva queen of them all is Mariah Carey, but since she has the most hit singles for
a solo female artist of all time and possibly the longest rider, we will give her a future
list all to her own Now it’s your turn. You are a famous rock star, you have all the
money in the world, and you’re surrounded by people saying “yes” all the time. So what do you ask for in your dressing room?