Top 4 Slavic Music Festivals You Need To Visit This Summer

hi everyone my name is Salman and I’m the backup back in danger and today I’m gonna be showing you guys a top 4 Slovak music festivals to visit this summer so if you’re new to this channel consider subscribing so your nominees for the Edit 18 and interesting videos like this one future so let’s get started I’m gonna count them now so I’m gonna start from number four number four we have the official picnic Moscow Russia future picnic Moscow Russia was founded in 2004 and traditionally it’s a one-day event and it’s not just like every other summer festival because it’s not just music it’s music art and and other forms of entertainment even games is located 10 kilometers away from the center of Moscow and it’s easily accessible by the rest means of transportation also alcohol is prohibited in this festival alcohol tobacco and that’s because unlike every other music festival they try to make it safe for minors and family but anyways this year’s edition of this festival is going to be held on the 4th of August and the main acts to watch out for include Arcade Fire King is urn and lizard wizard Benin Sebastian as well as Sami fear more acts will be announced as time goes on you can go on their website to find out more about this festival at number three we have Park life festival Moscow Russia yeah another festival in Moscow Russia it is a international Music Festival which has hosted the likes of Lana Del Rey The Killers The Prodigy Emil smiley Mason Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more originally organized in a highly unusual venue Park life will held at all Russian Exhibition Centre space devoted to art history and culture of Russian people but however in 2015 the festival was held at the opening arena Stadium due to the more space and capacity and this year’s edition 2018 is going to be held at Gorky Central Park of the culture between 27th and 29th of July and headlining acts David Guetta even though Gorillaz pulao massive attack lenovo tricky and many others part level also perfect menu to listen to open common artists going to rock metal and alternative act and every kind of genre i guess but most of the up-and-coming artists who perform there from russian-speaking countries on number two we have the in music festival zagreb croatia this festival has been proclaimed by CNN as one of top 50 summer festivals in music is also gracious largest open-air festival is held annually in the capital of zagreb stages separated due to different genres of music so you have one stage it has hip up in one state that has rock in one state that has you know so since its founding in 2000 of 62 featured international acts Florence the Machine general Y Kings of Leon I’m not sure if acting out of that crack you but if you know you know this year’s edition is going to take place on the island of youth located on Lake Yaron between 25th and 27th of June and last but not least more like I said the best for the last I like to say is the exit festival Serbia Serbia is a youth festival which is held in Novi Sad and it’s often called one of the best European music festivals of all time a good service most famous brands you know it attracts millions and millions of people from around the world every year it started as a small student movement group which had a social justice costs however each year it has grown bigger and bigger because it’s just a very big attraction you know more people interested in it every year and it was founded in the year 2000 it has grown to be one of the most prestigious events for top names I mean they’ve had top names from all genres of music this year’s edition of exit is going to start from the 12th to the 15th of July a headlining act this year’s David Quetta Martin garrix legendary space Jones migos middle middle metres yes that migos is coming so because for this festival are still available but I will advise you to get it now because it goes fast you know to be sold out so get your tickets now we have come to the end to this episode if I said something that’s incorrect or inconsistent or outdated be sure to leave a comment and let me know and also if you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment or hit the like button also 1 announced that we kicked off our merchandise so if you want to get black and ginger merchandise be sure to check the links in the description and check in support us money spent on our merchandise will put back into making interesting content for you guys buying more equipment and even traveling to these places to show you guys better content basically so head over and get yourself a black engineer Marcin eyes something like this anyways see you guys next time