Top 5 Laptops for Music Production 2019

I asked you – real people – producers and
musicians – What Windows computer do you use for music production? and the results
are in! these are not just recommendations from me gathering specs
online. You have tested these machines and are getting great real results. today
I’m sharing the top 5 Windows laptops for music production according to you. I’ve even got a step further to check
out these laptops myself in person to give you my opinion of some features you
can’t tell from checking them out on a website. make sure you watch until the
end because there is one alternative that viewers highly recommend you
consider before you choose one of these. and it’s not what you think.
first of all, let’s cover the specs that you recommend. based on your responses,
the most recommended specs for any laptop are an i7 processor 16 gigabytes
of RAM at least 512 gigabytes of solid-state drive and a 15-inch screen.
so all the laptops I’m recommending here have those specs. and all of these
laptops will run all the popular DAWs including Ableton, FL Studio, Reaper,
Reason, Cubase, Studio One, Cakewalk, and others. I’ll include links to get any of
these laptops in the description of the video. so here’s a little more
information about my audience – the people who recommended these. first 60 percent
are Windows users, 35 percent are Mac users, and the others make music on
mobile devices. pretty cool! 28 percent of you make hip hop, 13 percent make EDM, 10
percent make rock, and five percent pop. And a whopping 44 percent of you
say that your music transcends all genres. most of you are running Ableton
Live and FL Studio. now one caveat – if you’re looking for a computer to run
Logic Pro, remember that’s a Mac only program so you need to put in
that extra cash for a MacBook unless you go the Hackintosh route. let’s get
started! coming in at number five is the Razer Blade the Razer Blade in my
opinion is the best-looking of the five laptops in this roundup. it’s sleek with
a multicolored backlit keyboard. it has the latest
i7 six core processor and since the Razer markets these as gaming laptops
you get great graphics as well. when I checked Razer Blades are a little bit
more expensive than the others in this roundup. I couldn’t find a Razer Blade
laptop on display at my local store but the guy at the store told me that it
feels a lot like a MacBook Pro with the aluminum body and really smooth the
trackpad. at number four are laptops by HP the Omen and Spectre. The Spectre has
a touchscreen at a very competitive price so if you want that option this is
a great laptop to choose. The Omen is a gaming laptop with great specs but one
viewer did warn that it’s pretty big and bulky. I checked out the Omen in person.
it has a cool brushed metal look. the keyboard feels solid and the screen
looks good. hey if you’re looking for some great accessories for your studio
like USB hubs, an excellent mouse and even a voice control gadget for your
studio setup, check out my 10 studio gadgets video here. at number three we
have the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Extreme several viewers recommended Lenovo and
included the Yoga and Ideapad models as well but the ThinkPad x1 Extreme got the
most votes for Lenovo. actually i use the Lenovo x1 carbon at work. it has a
similar form factor and excellent portability. in person the Lenovo looks
more businesslike. maybe because I use one at work. but this laptop is much more
subtle than the gaming laptops in this roundup. the keys are easy to type on but
I don’t care for the trackpad which seems to need to catch up to the
processor at times. otherwise it’s just your everyday laptop
with good power. all right second place is Asus with 20% of the votes. people
seem to love the Asus ROG laptops the ROG is also marketed as a gaming
laptop with a nice sleek form factor and beautiful colored keyboard just like the
Razer Blade. one person did say that after a year of
heavy use the battery life is taking a little toll. but otherwise you guys
really love the Asus ROG. in person the ROG seemed really big. if you like lots
of multicolored lights, this thing’s got it! light strips on the sides, logo on the
top, colored keyboard. the keyboard feels better than the HP. more natural. before
we get to number one make sure you hit the like button and subscribe for more
videos on music production tips tutorials and gear reviews. and if you’re
looking for a Mac I’ve actually compared the last two versions the 2017 and 2018 of the MacBook Pro in a video here. all right the most
recommended laptop at number one is the Dell XPS 15! wait a second! Dell? I
received multiple comments about latency issues with the Dell XPS 15. although
this laptop was the most recommended, a large number of users are reporting a
latency problem and audio popping. a quick poll of my audience shows that 60%
of you are experiencing the latency problem and 40% say their XPS’s are just
fine. for now, my advice would be to keep an eye on the latency issue with Dell if
you’re really interested in getting an XPS 15. otherwise the other laptops in
this list are really good options. that said, this is a list of the most
recommended so let’s check out some of the comments from the viewers who do
like it. users say that the build quality is excellent, the screen is accurate and
overall, this thing is just rock-solid. several of you mentioned that you found
some of really good deals on these laptops as well. in person the Dell was
my least favorite in the looks category. it kind of felt outdated compared to the
others. the keyboard does feel good but the clicky noise made it sound a little
cheap. the screen was Wow! best among all these laptops. now the laptop body seems
like a fingerprint magnet as you can tell from these clips. you know, don’t
overlook last year’s models for any one of these laptops. you might find them at
a really good price! I need to mention one other alternative to a Windows
laptop. a good number of you recommended building your own desktop PC. and I think
this is a really great option especially if portability isn’t a necessity for you.
building your own PC gives you the option to easily upgrade your specs
later. desktop models also have better performance to similarly spec’ed laptops.
and they typically won’t have the loud fans that can ruin a good microphone
recording. all these laptops are priced similarly but check the links in the
description of the video for the latest prices. listen, don’t wait until you have
the money to buy the latest and greatest laptop out there. an i5 processor with 8
gigabytes of RAM will take you a long way with music production. so what do I
use I use a 2018 MacBook Pro with an i7 processor 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 2
terabyte solid-state drive. I’ve been fairly happy with it but there are some
things that I’ve been really disappointed with. but that’s for another
video. do the best with what you have and make the music you love. thanks for
watching and hey check out one of these videos next!