Trying my old flute..! | Team Recorder

hello everybody I’m Sarah and I’m a
recorder player I have been encouraged to do this by Joanna who is the fantastic
person behind just another flutist she has done a video where she gets out
her childhood recorder so I thought why not get out my childhood flute I had
flute lessons from the age of 8 to 18 but I will say my heart was always with
the recorder at age of 17 I did my grade 8 exam which was quite a high standard
then however a year later I broke my thumb and actually never really played
the flute again studying recorder also had something to do with it it’s been a
while I am curious hello so many keys I feel like I’m gonna snap something off I
always remember this look down the flute so if it’s one long one long line oh the vibrato comes back where’s my low C I just feel so weird I should probably
tell you this actually isn’t my childhood flute
my childhood flute since died a death after I stopped playing it really
deteriorated it wasn’t the great flute anyway and I
think in the end we just gave it to a charity shop a few years ago I actually
thought I don’t have a flute I need a flute so I bought this one
second-hand online for 275 euros which I thought was a good deal it has open
holes which have been plugged and it even has a low B key which I can’t play
press these down a bit all that’s better then maybe it fits the
flute the open holes have got these little plugs in them and I’m just going
to go ahead and pop those out my flute teacher always warned me not to play
flutes with open holes because it’s really difficult to get your fingers to
cover them accurately now I’m like I’m a recorder player that’s what we do
I feel kind of at home there’s something about flutes that always sounds so good and I don’t like that in amongst all of my sheet music I have
one box marked other instruments and I think my old flute music isn’t that so
that’s why with the Mozart flute concerto in G I once played the first
movement of this + let’s have a go Oh God my old jazz flute book jazz
another jazz flute book teenage Sarah like the jazz flute my high school music
composition book I’m gonna play you some pieces um let’s start with Mozart shall
we it was difficult then it’s difficult now
oh my my finger keeps touching this key there’s so many keys but I have to be
worried about touching why can’t we just have holes
I feel really clumsy and my tone production is way off that was horrible
let’s see the song of the wind’ I used to love the song of the wind’ it
has four flats you see now I’m doing something terrible
the first few months that I learned the flute I used to rest my flute on my
shoulder like this this does not feel ergonomic and I really had to learn to go
like that I remember in my jazz flute book there was only one piece that was
actually easy enough for me to play it was the blues in a minor let’s see if
I’m still capable of any of this on this thing I feel like now I know much more what I
want to hear but I just cannot get it on this instrument I want to play a
recorder okay let’s play something a bit easier
from Sarah’s book of compositions would you like to hear the mysterious lake
clouds or I think we have I think we have to hear farewell to you old friend what I am feeling now I’ve been playing
for not that long and I already have a lot of pain in my lips and my cheeks and
also in the back of my neck I think when I’m playing I’m like pushing my head
against the flute like creating a lot of tension this doesn’t feel very good and
I already know I think I have a really not good embouchure this is my this is
my embouchure so there’s a lot of tension that I could probably train and
get the same sound just with a more natural I’m like tensing up my whole
face for no reason I feel like the keys are clacking really loudly just because
I’m not used to having keys under my fingers I keep hitting recorder
fingering so know that the notes come out ah the thing that’s actually now a
lot better than it used to be is my air capacity and the breathing just cuz I
trained that so much on the big bass recorders
that’s a nice surprise does this mean I’m gonna go back to practicing the flute no
as a professional musician it’s actually really nice to go back and feel again
how I did when I was still learning an instrument it’s easy to forget that with
the recorder because it’s my job and I do it every day but what also has been
really nice is to pick up styles of music I don’t often play like my notes
up maybe I try some of that on my recorder so out of the two of these for
me I know which one would win but are you a flute player as well as a recorder
player are you looking at me playing and thinking oh my god what is she doing
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recorders thanks for watching have a great day