Tuning Guitar – How to Tune Guitar with a Digital Tuner

Hi, this is Jeff with Austin Bazaar Music, and today we’re going to take a look at how to tune your guitar with a digital chromatic tuner. Now this is going to work for your electric guitar, your acoustic guitar, your nylon string guitar. As long as it’s not a baritone guitar, this is going to work just fine. Now the first thing you’re going to need to know are the notes that the strings are actually tuned to. So the notes are going to be: E, A, D, G, B, E. Now the way that this tuner works is that there is a needle, and if it’s straight in the middle, then you
know that your string is in tune. If it’s over to the left, then you know that you’re
a little “flat” (or below the note). If it’s to the right, then you know that you’re
too far above the note, or what we call “sharp.” So let’s play this first string and see where we land. So we can see we’re a little bit to the left, which means we’re flat. And I’ll go ahead and tighten this string up by turning it counter-clockwise until the tuner turns green
and we know that we’re in tune. Now this next string here, reading “A” we can
see that we’re below the note, so again I’m going to turn this machine-head counter-clockwise until the tuner turns green, and we’re in the middle. “D” is the next string, and we’re just barely touching up here. Now let’s see on the “G” string, I’ll make this go sharp..
And so you can see it’s too far to the right, and we’re just going to loosen the tension
on the string by going this way. And then bring it back up, because we missed it.. beautiful. And now the “B”.. it’s good to go. And the “E” is all good. So now the tuner’s telling us that we’re in tune. We’re going to go ahead and check that against our ear. Sounds good to me. For guitars, bundles, and accessories
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