Twinkle Trails Episode 14 – Musical Instruments (Musical version)

I’m so excited that you’re back to join us! We’re here at the concert hall and ready to learn! Looks like the show is about to start! Ms. Twinkle, why are all the instruments separated? They’re separated so that each instrumental
family can hear each other more clearly! Instrumental families? Instruments can be grouped with each other depending on what sounds they make
and how they make those sounds. Listen carefully, and I’ll show you! There, in the back, is percussion. With instruments each being struck all around. They keep time and punctuate dramatic functions. The striking’s what makes all the sound! And with any instrument under the sun, they all come together as one. In the front, do you see the four instruments
that look similar but come in different sizes? Those are the strings. Strings can be plucked with the finger. More often they’re bowed, given flowing refrains. And they’re used to mark the emotional arcs. It’s the strings that make musical strains. Just behind them are the woodwinds. They’re using their breath to play solos so grand. Made of wood or silver, with reed or not still, it’s the air that the music demands. The brass will sit towards the back, you can tell, with their sonorous
tones cutting through so well. They use their lips to make the sound, so often building swells. And with any instrument under the sun, they play, the orchestra, sounding as one. And together using wind, mallets, or bows, melodious harmonies flow! And together using wind, mallets or bows, melodious harmonies flow!