tWitch Breaks Down Dance Videos with Pregnant Wife Allison

tWitch, now that you’ve
caught your breath, I want to talk about
your Instagram. tWitch and his wife, Allison,
are posting really cool dance videos all the time. This, I think, I just saw this. This is the most
recent one, I think. And they post him
at their house. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love that. I love that. [APPLAUSE] Thank you very much. Thank you. tWitch’s Instagram is the
best, if you don’t follow it. How long do you rehearse? Because you show a lot of
different dances all the time. How long do you work on one? We work on– I mean, it just
takes us a couple of minutes. We’ll play the song like
maybe once or twice through. And just kind of groove to
it, and put it together. This is like one
of the few times that we just get to dance
together without it necessarily being a job. So these are just super fun. So it’s just a
couple of minutes. It’s so great. I can’t believe you just
rehearse a couple of minutes and then just put
it on the screen. It’s so fun. And also, Allison is
eight months pregnant. I just gotta say that, too. Like she’s like– she’s
dancing with a full grown baby in there. It’s crazy. If you’re not already
following Twitter on Instagram, you should. And if you’re not
already following me, then you should leave.