Ty Unwin talks about his career as a composer of film and TV music – University of Huddersfield

Ty Unwin, welcome back to the University of Huddersfield Thank you It’s been quite a few years since you were here last Yes Well actually, since I’ve been here studying, 23 years But I think I came back a few years ago to do a lecture Yeah, a long time You still look just a young man as well Yeah, obviously I’ve aged well I’m now 21 (Mumbles) It feels like a long time in one way And yet in another way it honestly feels like yesterday In terms of your composition You’re famous for saying that you’ve always wanted to do this That is, write soundtracks – Yeah – Television, anything else really Films and what have you right means I mean it’s it’s hard to
explain you never why did and how I did it but for me it’s its it’s like asking you why do you speak
English or how to speak English UT you just gonna do its and for me it’s
exactly the same I don’t know why right or how I write I
just I just right music that so-and-so I mean why rent
when I was 11 was revision you know if he wants a but
that’s that’s how you learn new you right rubbish a new copy people and
then you develop your own stylin hopefully maybe and how does the interaction with the
produces biggest chicken-and-egg the the film it must be time for yes a what would you would use the kid from
this’ll there’s lots of ways of doing it you can you have the way where you get
finished film and and then you write to finish film
and so you have everything connects music and then do that all quite often
you can write trucks to inspire the filming which is happen you know that happens quite
regularly I’m all kind of combination of the two really you get sent to script on your committee
ideas and this account balance back with the food my preferred ways to actually just got
finished film and just sit down for two weeks and just
right that’s my the Fed Way you know when you sit sit down you watch
it he so you watch it with nothing at all
and use it just absolutely yeah just need to I just just watch it
with a in the curve know me occasion to use
guide music a which is laid in just to say we want
to music in this economy 21 request no just no music can you sit
down and and mess around really a I mean I know
you have problem hundreds of pieces yet you will want to upset to anybody with you most of them a particular
favorite thats close to you probably never won an award
or or anything like that but use the one that you thought I love
yeah I think it’s not so much love I think there were
different for check some pieces that I love for different reasons a I’m things as a those a firm called a.m. pompeii the last day and the only reason I’d
like that one is I have a a car accident in the middle of it a
very bad car accident and a the fact that I still miss
completed we’ve with 100 which i think have four fingers
of one hand and I still wants to project so I love
that for that reason and then other projects I I have a bright significance because they served as a
sec stepping-stone career-wise so I’m space with some meal was a quite
big series and all they wasn’t the best things I’ve
ever done the it was a it was a creative period that kind of
lead to other things so I love that and from lots of different reasons I
love loss and different projects but to be fair I never listen
to my music so 169 one in a sense he once it’s done I have to write so much that once it’s
done I don’t really get a chance to go this intuitive its and every now and again you with
someone and those spooky little moments where you here so far with time you know ten years ago you put together or something like that
how does it sound and you the singer well its a most the time its yeah I mean I occasionally cuz the wake
contracts and publishing works you that music can be used in other
projects so all all watch PC television and I’ll something I
recognize a a and its you know it’s fine I mean it most the time its up the fight
the case in the same cringe but that’s the whole point of hopefully progressing in getting better
that you you meant to cringe what you did 10 years ago I’m I think my that’s just me sis the University of Huddersfield inspiring tomorrow’s perfect