Types of Percussion Instruments : Percussion Instruments: Castanets

Now I’m going to talk about castanets. This
is a very popular instrument in Spain. You’ll see dancers using them, especially in pairs.
Now, essentially, a castanet here; here’s a more traditional model actually made in
Spain. Now you’ll see the inside is carved out, usually made of wood. Now, the inside
is carved to allow a chamber for the tone of the castanets to resonate in. The idea
of this instrument is to have a small opening, so that when they make contact with the hand
they make that clapping sound. Now, you might also use those on their own, where you have
a pair of castanets, such as these here, where you might wrap around your wrist, and so instead
of just having one castanet you’ll have a pair, where in your right hand you’ll be doing
that; the same with the left hand; creating different rhythms, similar to what you saw
with the maracas.