Ukulele Lesson: Easy & Funky Strum: “Hotel California” || Stuart Fuchs

hey everybody this is Stuart Fuchs
thanks for clicking on this video I hope you’re having a beautiful day wherever
you are I’ve got a funky chunky strum for the ukulele coming right up I just
want to let you know I’m on my way to perform I’m super excited gonna be
getting back together with my old Django Reinhardt style gypsy jazz band I’m
gonna be playing some guitar six string ukulele and we’re going to be playing
with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra really really excited about joining up
with a full symphony orchestra to perform maybe there’s some bootleggers
in the audience I’ll be able to share some clips with you can’t really record
the orchestra legally so we’ll see this is the strum I’d like to show you it’s
you know you can use this for all kinds of funky songs it works great with Latin
and flamenco tunes too so I thought it’d be nice to apply it to a tune we all
know Hotel California by the Eagles now you can get a free song sheet to this
it’s got the chords and the lyrics just click on the link in the description
below it’ll take you to my website on the right hand side of the store is a
whole bunch of free stuff there so please click it download it and then
come back here now the chords you’re going to need to play this song are a
minor isse Evan G major D major F major C then
D minor and then e seven again all right now the strum itself is actually not too
tricky everybody can get this strum it’s just a matter of bringing some attention
to the up strums and working the chunk into it so if you haven’t already
clicked right here to watch the chunk video and you’ll learn how to chunk
using these two fingers I’m going to play it first all the way through and
then I’ll break it down for you one two three four on a dark desert
highway cool wind in my hair warm smell of colitas rising up through the air up
ahead door shimmering light and levy in my
side to do I had a stop of the night so that’s the strum you can keep it going
through the whole song there’s some variations to it as well
let’s first break it down in a slow pattern and let’s keep it just on the a
minor chord okay so hold the a minor chord lightly keeping the thumb nice and
relaxed here down up down up chunk up down that’s essentially the
root of the strum down up down up chunk up down again down up down up down
some people like the Chuck with this finger and that’s cool too I like to use
these two fingers I’m not flipping you off two fingers down up down Chuck down
now you can make this funky right off the bat by adding the flick to the beginning of it for a full
tutorial on the flick it may be too much detail is right there just click on that
and I’ll show you how to flick I go into detail to make sure that you don’t over
extend the fingers and hurt your tendons so down Chuck oh down that’s the root of
the strum so I’ll do it once you do it once ready I’ll go ready go once you have that basic
pattern what we’re going to do is pay attention to three up strokes in a row
and we’re going to grab the up strokes with a little more the flesh of the
finger it sounds like I’m pushing hard I am adding a little more force but it’s
not too much force pick up down up Chuck down Chuck go down
so that’s part two of the pattern down up down is part one part two is Chuck
down put them together and you get this down
I said flick instead of Chuck click go down down up down Chuck notice that the wrist is loose you’re
striking the strings lightly and this drum is going to be so cool because
you’re just gonna it’s like a dance party right in your ukulele there’s more
I can’t wait to show you but I’ll save it for another video let me play it a
little faster for you with all the chords 2 3 4 hope you enjoy the funky
chunky strum all right everybody that’s my time thanks for watching this video
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peace love ukulele