UND Composers Show Off Their Creative Skills

The music department makes people who
maybe recreate art, you play an instrument, you playing somebody else’s
music, but we also make people who create art. We were just putting on a composer’s
show, and basically just a bunch of the students and one of the faculty members
wrote songs and decided to put them in the in the show. I definitely like to
get my hands dirty, especially because not only is it fun, but I also learn a
lot faster that way. I actually think we are unique in terms of how small we are, and
how far we are from a major cultural center to be offering and giving
students what we’re giving, and then students come out they’re successful. I
love making music for others to feel something. I love when people get into it
and they they love what I love to make. It’s a great feeling.
You know we build a community here at UND music where we all help each other
out and it teaches networking, teaches being on time, just doing the work,
and it teaches being a good colleague and reliable, and if we’re all that and
everybody wants to work with each other, then we can do that much more stuff.