Universal Funk Orchestra. Studio Sessions-Dizzlephunk

We are at Evermore Studios, let me take you through real quick That’s Jester That’s the Therapist. This is the Live Room. LeBrane’s about to laid down the funkitty funk funk. All red woo fresh So then we leave the Live Room Production Room Got Luke over there on the board. Break it up break it up We getting ready to make hits. We getting ready to make hits. So we’re in the studio now. We’re working on two songs And we’re gonna release each song with a music video. Our sound is definitely matured and grown Because we put focus and thought into it You know it’s not the same tunes the same lines the same lyrics over and over. We kind of grow and gradually change It’s like our musical tastes. So as a DJ, I have to stay competitive I have to stay in the know the newest thing, so that definitely takes a turn on what we’re creating. You know we want to be able to play to the clubs, we want the music to be loud And then we bring in the Chris LeBrane funk who writes some of the songs as well. Btrue with the lyricism. Jester with the solos and writing. Kenny with the sax. So it all comes from different paths. You know we got the reggae in there We have the DJ style we have the rock and roll we have to funk. It’s all original And that’s why I like it because I don’t produce. You know you have these DJ producers I don’t sit behind the computer and put beats together. That’s not my thing so this is my way of being a producer You know being that producer realm, so these are our original tracks. They’re just produced with the band So when I go to do a DJ set I can still play these tracks in the DJ setting and it’ll be my music So it’s kind of a similar thing. We’re taking a little different approach to the whole DJ production side. I probably will start playing the song in the club before we even release it. Just so the crowd can get a little taste of what’s going on. And then we’ll go from there. It won’t be available for download It won’t be on the social medias until the videos there but I would definitely drop it here and there where I’m playing you know. Finishing up in the studio! Finishing up in the studio! on time