Let’s try this. So I have a lead tone now. Haha, Ola Englund, that was an epic fail right
there. Maybe that will be the intro. Hello, I’m Ola Englund the Swede, and today I’m
talking about using nothing but a computer and plugins for playing live. So I talked a little about using plugins with
tube amplifiers in a recent video and the reactions where VERY mixed, some people really
embraced the idea of combining computers and plugins for a guitar setup, while some just
don’t seem to understand why you would bring a fragile computer to do all the work for
you. And I agree, can we trust computers to stay
reliable at a live show? That’s why Ola the swede is here, to answer
all the 1st world problem issues and questions. When I play live there are two different applications,
the first one is when I play with the Haunted, and second when I do live workshops or clinics. Two VERY different type of situations where
when I play with the Haunted it’s a full band experience with a sound engineer, full stack
amplifiers, big crowds and so on. When I’m doing a clinic, it’s a one guy performance,
it’s usually me playing together with a backing track And not that many people, maybe… And together with that I’m talking about life
in general and trying to teach how you can burp on video and make a living out of it. But both these types of live performances
have had the same thing in common and it’s that I’ve been using real amplifiers and cabinets
on a stage. Which is awesome, but when I’m out with the
Haunted, we have crew and people to help us out with all the gear. But when I’m doing clinics, I’m flying alone
with all the stuff myself. So ever since I started doing the clinics,
I’ve kind of searched for the absolute most portable rig to bring with me without sacrificing
anything. And that brings us to todays video. Because right now my rig went from this. To this… Please Ola the swede, explain what the fuck
I am looking at right now. Well this, is IF it works, my new live rig
for clinics and workshops. This is my Macbook Pro, My UAD Arrow audio
interface and my Sennheiser inear system, EW300. And that’s it. Apart from the guitars of course. But with this rig I have an already produced
and mixed guitar and backing track system, with my own monitoring as well. With this, I just hook these two cables to
a mixing desk and I’m ready to go. On my Macbook, I’m using Logic Pro X.
ONE project where I have all my clinic songs and all the routing of this rig being made. It looks like a mess, but what we’re all looking
at the top is my guitar signal chain, rest of the tracks down here are the backing track
songs, reason I have them on different tracks is basically just to try and balance them
a bit better because all songs are from different productions and so on, that’s why it’s
a fucking mess with all the songs. Sounds like this: But what I’m going to focus on here is my Guitar Track that you can see here. This is the signal path of my guitar. My guitar goes in to the input here. I’m using this stupid wireless XV…eeh wireless thing My guitar goes into Input 1 of my UAD Arrow
interface and into this track. And looking at the plugins, as you can see
there’s a bunch of them on here, but not all of them are engaged. The Fortin Nameless plugin is what I’m using
for Rhythm tone. And it sounds like this. The other plugins beneath it, are basically
other Amp modeler plugins with different sounds. So the ez mix window I have a clean
sound that I like and down here we have a secret plugin for lead tone. So I have all my different tones on one input
track in Logic, so how do I switch between them you ask? Well using automation, I can choose which
plugin is active or not. So, here we have a change from rhythm to lead
tone, and as the track is playing, the automation changes the sound for me. So I don’t even need a frigging pedal board
anymore, I can just have Logic make the changes for me. one less thing to bring to a clinic. And depending on what song I’m doing and what
type of sound I need, I just automate to change what plugins needs to be changed. So for instance..let’s check out here. So in the Solar song I’m going from lead to
clean sound. And so on…Pretty cool huh? So Ola, what about latency when doing this
setup? Well you have to set a pretty low buffer size
in Logic to get around the roundtrip latency with all the digital to analog conversion,
BUT logic has this low latency mode where I can set a limit to the latency on this track,
so basically I’m playing with almost no latency at all. And this part is why I even consider to use
this setup because this has been the problem with using computers, playing through plugins
always puts on a plugin latency making it almost impossible to play fast stuff. Well this setup works and I’m not getting
annoyed by the latency when using this because it’s just so small. You just remember to shut off all the pornhub
windows before you play. Also regarding the monitoring situation I
have the headphone output of the UAD Arrow hooked up to my Sennheiser in ear system,
this is the same system I use with the Haunted and it’s just a lot easier beacause wherever
I go, I will always have the same monitor sound It’s really convenient and saves a lot of
time when sound checking and so on, also makes me feel a little bit more comfortable, because
you never know when you get to a venue if the powered monitors there are shot or not. With my own inear system I have a security
in what I listen to, and with that also I’m saving my ears because I don’t have to blast
any monitors, I can just use these. So there you go, that’s one of those changes
from lead to rhythm for instance. So that’s really cool. And the cool thing is that, on this part as
well..let me see if I can show it to you. I have a bus send here, buzz going to a reverb
and a delay. So whenever I’m at this part, were one of
the tones that I have, were I’m holding that tone I decide to send even more of the signal into
a reverb and delay, and it becomes this really huge effect, check it out. So you can here that still going, even if
I continue play, that’s what’s so awesome with this system. Because I can automate effects and all that,
really easily. So there you go. So with this setup, the real challenge will
of course be to see how this works for real, in a REAL situation when I’m out playing. SO I’m going to use this in Moscow now, I
have a clinic there in a couple of days. Lets make a montage and move there. Lets see how reliable this setup is. So now we are in Moscow. Did it sound OK? Killer, awesome, thank you. So it worked, thank you so much. So conclusion is, yes, it works, I still need
to tweak around a bit with my Logic Project to make it perfect but it’s still a solution
I’m going to continue with in the future for clinics We might not all be ready to embrace the use
of plugins for rehearsal or live just yet, but I think for me it’s a huge help in terms
of what I need to bring to a clinic and to be honest in a situation where you’re an alone
musician up on a stage with all eyes on you, I need all the help I could get and this has
definitely helped me out a lot and removed a lot of the stress elements of a live situation
that I haven’t been able to control in the past So there you go, hope that made any sense. Thank you so much for watching this video,
let me know what you think about this method, in the comment section. And I’ll see you next time. OK, thank you.