Vegan Pizza: Is Pizza Without Cheese Really Pizza? || Really Dough?

– Was this always your passion? – Pizza? – Yeah. – I used to like ribs. – There you go. – I used to be a rib man; I switched. I wasn’t getting enough bread. I’m Scott, and I eat all kinds of pizza. But my friend Mark, he is a pizza purist. So we’re trying the craziest concoctions claiming to be pizza, but
are they “Really Dough?” Mark!? You left your
pepperoni outside. Mark? Hey, Mark, are you here? I got the beef! He left his oven on; Mark where are you? You’re gonna burn this place down. Hey – Hey, Scott – Dude, you left your pepperoni outside. What would you do without me? – How have you been? – [Scott] I’ve been okay
man, what are you doing? Chopping greens? – Yeah, just cilantro – Making a salad You know what, I got a question: You ever tried vegan pepperoni? The stuff like the little,
they look like just– – Styrofoam chips? – Yeah, well it looks like somebody took a– – Styrofoam chips. – Styrofoam chips. Paulie
Gee is in Greenpoint, he’s doing a vegan Sicilian. – Paulie’s stepping out of the box. – You ever have that? – No. – That’s the jam. If it’s got
vegan cheese, still a pizza? – I won’t know until I
eat it, just bring it. I eat anything you bring me. – You do, maybe you don’t like it. – I ate your squid ink, foie gras. – I didn’t make that, I
was just the messenger. – OK. – Don’t give too much
credit to the messenger. I’m gonna get the vegan
pizza. Do me a favor, stick this in the fridge. – I’ll do that. – Don’t make that mistake again otherwise the pepperoni’s walking – Tell Paulie I said hello. – I will. – Hmm, maybe I should put
cilantro in my meatballs — a Mexican meatball. – Paulie! Mr. Paulie Gee, how are ya? – Look at that hat! – You know, I posted
a picture of this hat, and you made a threatening comment that made it sound like you were going to break into my apartment and steal it. – Yeah, but I don’t know where you live. – There’s a reason I don’t
tell you where I live. So I got a pizza I want to eat from you. There’s a specific thing,
I’ve been sent on a mission, a mission from Mark Iacono. You seem a little nervous. – You know, Mark’s like the
freaking Pizza Prince. – Well, he’s not so great, don’t worry. – What’s the difference between bagel dough and pizza dough? – I don’t know. – You’ve never heard of foie gras? – Foie who? – What do you even use cilantro for? – Now, Mark doesn’t think
you can have a good pizza that’s got meat substitutes
and cheese substitutes. My first thought was, “Paulie
Gee makes great vegan slices, maybe we can make it happen.” – We gonna make it happen.
– What are you gonna make? – It’s the vegan Freddie Prince. Sesame seeds on the bottom,
like Freddie’s in Whitestone – I’ve been there, yeah. – Upside down Sicilian, like Prince street – Freddie, Prince. – You see what I did there, you like that? – You’re an animal. OK, I’m going to prove to him it’s possible
to have a good pizza with vegan cheese and meat substitutes. – I got your back, pal. – You got me? – I’ve got your back, absolutely. As long as I get that
hat, I got your back. – OK, look, if the pizza’s
great, you get the hat. – All right, we’re gonna whip one up. Yo! – You’re not gonna make it yourself? – I don’t do that. – Oh I forgot, you’re Paulie Gee. – So here’s how we
make our vegan Freddie Prince. – Paulie Gee’s – We line our pan with
oil and sesame seeds, and we press the dough into the pan so that the sesame seeds stick. We top it with Numu vegan mozzarella. The mozzarella is… The Mozzarella is just
like whole-milk mozzarella in terms of its melting quality. Then we put it into the oven. – Vegan cheese. – Start by putting
on some vegan sauce, everybody says, “What makes it vegan?” It’s just that it’s a
sauce that has umami in it. We have olive oil and
basil and garlic and onion. He’s dusting it with vegan
parm from Follow Your Heart and finish it off with a vegan
sausage from Beyond Meat. Then we’re gonna put it back in the oven. – Feed me please. – All right, now it’s ready to take the pie out of the oven. Look at that thing. Ah,
it’s gorgeous. That’s pizza. That’s pizza. Nah, I
can’t be braggadocious. – My mind raced
thinking of reasons why Mark wouldn’t consider
this one to be a pizza. I mean, vegan cheese
is still cheese, right? – Real pizza needs to have the finest and freshest ingredients. When you walk into a
pizzeria, the aroma should punch you right in the face. Sauce, cheese, dough. That’s it. Pizza’s should look as good as they taste. – All right, this vegan pizza better look like a real pizza. Although if Mark were to
consult a vegan pizza historian, he would know the pizza
marinara should not ever have cheese, if you
put cheese on a pi– – All right Scott, here we go, pal. – Ahh, here we go. Whoa!
– Vegan Freddie Prince. – This is vegan? – All vegan. Just
in case you want to be neat. – Let’s dig into it! Let’s– Do you have your eye on a slice? – I have my eye on this one. – Oh look, they’re twins, oh. – There you go. – All right so, right off
the bat, first of all, I’d be remiss if I did not
applaud your crumb structure. – Oh, thank you very much. – You got great crumb. – You’ll love it, I hope. – If you want that hat,
you better hope it’s good. – I’m getting the hat? – Hang on, hang on, I
wanna analyze a little bit. You know what this has going for it that a lot of vegan pizzas does not? The majority of the bit of
this is the awesome crust. Even though it’s a thick pizza,
it shows restraint because you don’t have to overload
it with surrogates for cheese, and surrogates for meats. It’s already got a base
that holds it down. – It’s good stuff. Can
I take another bite? – Do whatever you wanna do. When this thing lands in front of you, it definitely is impressive. But on a Sicilian, sometimes it lands and it’s this huge cheese blanket. This thing, not only is it
not animal-processed cheese, but it’s also kind of,
like, minimal on top. Like, there’s variety in the look. Is that something that you–
– I like the balance. I always like to balance
ingredients, always. And that’s kind of how I came up with the upside-down Sicilian with the seeds. They got the seeds on the bottom, but then you get the cheese blanket. – Yeah, we didn’t even
talk about this yet. – Yeah, we didn’t talk about it. Look at that, just a little bit brown, it’s a beautiful thing. – I mean the bottom of this
crust already looks good, because it’s got that
golden, lightly fried thing, but some of the fat is probably
coming out of the seeds. You don’t think so? You’re
toasting sesame seeds. You’re gonna get some oil out
of it. Maybe a little bit. Look I’m not a seed expert
here, I’m a pizza guy. But– – Was this always your passion? – Pizza? – Yeah. – I used to like ribs. – There you go. – I used to be a rib man; I switched. I wasn’t getting enough bread. Anyway, great to reminisce,
but let’s look into the future. I mean, for me it’s no
question; that’s pizza. When Mark eats this– – I think he’s going say
it, I do. I feel good, yeah. Get it over to him. – You know how it is, I
was coming into your shop when my brother’s in town, he’s vegan and I wanna eat
something with him that I enjoy, that I know he’s going to like, and this is something that I feel like even if he wasn’t in town, I would go for, because it just tastes awesome,
it’s light, but the, my– Oh thanks, thanks. – There we go. All right, there you go pal, send my regards, OK? Tell him to stop sounding
like “Ray Donovan.” – I know, you mention
it every time I see you, meanwhile I’ve never seen it. – Oh, I’m sorry for the shmutz on the box. – Don’t worry, I’m gonna
get more on it. Be good. – All right, boss, thank you so much. – See you sooner than later. All right, Mark, check it out! I made it back. – You’re always creeping up on me. – You’re always leaving the door open. – You’re like a phantom. Oh, this is the vegan sausage. – Yeah, it’s got vegan mozzarella, vegan sausage, vegan parmesan. – There’s no such thing as
vegan p– it’s vegan cheese. You can’t call parmesan vegan. – It’s a parmesan flavor,
without using animal products. – All right, you’ve got some
directions written on the box. – Yeah, he told me how
to reheat it, he said, “Reheat it with some oil,
and then we’re gonna add vegan parm after it comes out of the oven.” – All right. – Be careful. We’re gonna sprinkle a little
bit of the vegan parm on here. You are going crazy with this cheese. Wait, don’t do too much, be careful. – Come on, cheese
makes everything taste better – Yeah, cheese does,
but this is not, this is soy. – You have your
pizza cutter with you? – Always have my pizza cutter with me – Good, now we’re gonna – Sounds awesome,
you hear that sound? – It does. It
has a nice crisp to it. – First of all, look at that. Let’s do it. – What? – I’m curious to hear
what you think about it. – It tastes like pizza. – Cool, perfect, awesome.
There we go, that’s our answer. Definitively, Paulie Gee’s
Freddie Prince vegan pizza is truly a pizza, and not only that, it’s awesome.
– No it’s not. No, it’s not a pizza.
– You just said it’s pizza! – No, it’s vegan pizza. – Wait… – It’s vegan pizza. – Mark, like 12 seconds
ago you said, “It’s pizza.” What happened between then, and right now? – Well, I meant to say it’s vegan pizza. And I think Paulie wants me
to call it a vegan pizza. – I don’t care what Paulie
wants, he’s not here right now. It’s me, it’s you, it’s
the pizza — three of us. – How about this, it’s
pizza with vegan toppings. – But then, wouldn’t a
pizza with meat toppings just be a pizza with meat toppings? – Well no, it’s pizza
with a vegan topping, yeah, so I guess it is pizza. – Yes! There you go! – I mean, everything
about this says pizza. – Done, my work here is done. – You know whenever you’re
right, I kick you out. – Kick me out all you want. – It has the dough, it has the sauce. See, you can eliminate the sauce, and just have cheese, and have a pizza. You can eliminate the
cheese and just have sauce, you still have a pizza. – I thought you said a pizza
is crust, sauce, cheese? – But you can eliminate one of the two, meaning, sauce and cheese,
and you still have a pizza. – New rules. – Well no, not new rules,
I’m just kinda like, you know… – Changing the rules, to new ones. – Explaining better. – So, here I am, confirmed, pizza? – Yup. – Boom, there’s our answer. Mark said it, we all know
it, we all believe it. Paulie Gee’s Freddie Prince
pizza is a vegan pizza, that means it’s a pizza. – With vegan toppings. – Why do you always have
to have to last word? Is there something that happened to you when you were a kid that– – You really want to get
kicked out, don’t you? – I don’t wanna get kicked out, but I am always testing you.
– Well, you’re about to – Do you want to be locked in? Because that’s what’s gonna
happen if I get kicked out. – That’s all right because I don’t leave. – Uh oh, I’m starting to
get those vegan burps. – Really, is there such a thing? – Oh yeah. – Get out. – Call from wireless router. – Do you know that person?
That’s a weird name. Don’t forget to call us,
if you need anything. 1-800-MARKANDSCOTT, friends forever. – Really? – Dough. – OK. – Thanks for watching, and
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