Venomous2000 – Warrior Ways – Produced by Trilian [Official Music Video]

Warrior Ways We might come across timid, but you gotta
safe guard it to compose your limits Walking just like a self type master- independent,
Knowing the type of healing we should give to those offended
By a warrior’s way, see crying helps it stay strong, seclude the circle, meditate for like
a day long Gotta ease it for it Blow like an A-bomb, Power
thundering like clouds in a great storm And it’s on like this, see the key’s light-ness,
flex the stiff tight-ness Gotta “BE” like Hepatitis, one with the moment,
that’s the way to find self and the know hows to own it
There is only one true master & opponent, Self fight Self, everything else you omit
Recognize you the center of the square, of the circle of sphere, warrior legendare…yeah! HOOK: Many Ways of the Warrior
There’s Many ways to the Warrior Now when we’re in battle, try to work the
situation fight when you have to You the protector of ya village and ya castle,
when in danger don’t fear cause natural… Yeah, people we dealing with dimensional,
planes, so try to refrain from the physical levels that we tend to take it to and get
excited, most times the ego’s in control identify it
It’s a constant war walking with enlightenment, that’s the Life you symbolize like the Hieroglyph
You the leader, and most the world following, don’t count the many souls you empowering
cause humbleness, humility is really chi, that helps to build ya spirit up but none visibly,
Ask for help from the great ones who passed on, there’s an infinite pool of wisdom to
add on..cause yo… Hook: Many ways of the warrior, there’s many ways to the warrior
You gotta over-stand that everything’s a teacher, friend or foe? man no things are either
You’re beyond the physical material – Ether- People don’t recognize the lives they agreed
to Before they came in, so we look towards the
oracle, That explains what the ALL got in store for you
You build up to a point and pass it on again, and get prepared for the mission of soul traveling
Detach, Relax, and read facts, & step into divine realms of feedback
We’re the students of the LIght, praise the elders, Life’s to be ONE with Mother Nature
so we help her Observe, Breathe Right, Feel This – Silence,
way is brought Physical, We’re Earthean Pilots, SO let’s step divine in our walk abouts,
This a perspective and soon enough you’ll find out that..what??? Many ways of the warrior, there’s many ways to the warrior.