Victor Wooten & the funk groove [SUB ENG] – Alex Lofoco Bass Lesson

Hello everyone, I am Alex Lofoco and I welcome you all to MusicOff. I’d like to share with you a tune by Victor Wooten called Me And My Bass Guitar, from Wooten’s album A Show Of Hands I really enjoyed studying this song when I first approched Wooten’s techniques. I feel it is built around two main parts. the left hand – playing the bass line groove with the Hammer-On, and the right hand with the strumming technique and the ghost notes, as we’ve seen in a previous video with Seven Nation Army. In case you missed it check it out in the lesson list. The main idea is again similar to linear drumming concept. So analizing both hands separately are: the right hand playing the back beat, 2 and 4. and it locks in with the groove from the left hand Also, on top of that there are the ghost notes, which work a bit like the hi-hat on drums. But we’ll look at the ghosts later on. For now the main focus should be the rhythm and the back beat, 2 and 4, as I’ll build the bass line around it, which is on my left hand. Obviously being my right hand busy with this percussive technique – my right hand will do everything with hammer-on. The diffcult part, for the left hand is to mute the strings. The bass line goes like this, in Bm7 – I believe. And it is all done by hammering on. So the secret of this piece, I reckon, is again to combine the percussive rhythm of the right hand with the groove from the left hand. One advise for the fretting hand is – now I am using a fretless bass which is an instrument I love so much, perhaps not the most suitable – mainly bacause it is much more demanding especially for hammering and the intonation – to try to get the most convincing tone and consistent when hammering. Do the best you possibly can. It is important to pay attention to the lenght of each note so don’t play them all too long or too short but, for what I hear from the studio version recording: as it fits with: