Vinyl Finds #20 Pop-Rock, Psych, Soul/Funk/Disco, Folk, Lounge

Hello there, how is everybody out there? It’s been a while, but I’m back here to show some records They got a lot of vinyl fines Upcoming if things work out, okay A lot of these go back about a year two years and some are very recent I’ve been digging this whole time even though I’ve been away I’ve had some issues to work out with my computer and internet provider They were having problems so little things, you know getting in the way for a successful upload and I’ve got a whole table full here in the center courtyard edge-to-edge With records about four crates. I’m gonna start off here with some more of the common stuff This is all mostly 70s a little bit of 60s thrown in here Mixed bag of genres just all over the place You know through your varied tastes out there because we all like a variety of different things don’t wait. So I’m gonna start off here with The one basic pile and then we’ll get into the better stuff the more obscure stuff First off we have here from 1972 a Classic a one man outfit apollo 100. He goes by the name of Tom Parker, and this was his debut on the mega label In 72 they had a big hit Or he had a big hit called joy all instrumental here. No, no singing Which I like. Yeah Very upbeat energetic pop music here plea puts a modern twist on all these old classics Does a great job let’s see exercise and a minor is a favorite of mine Let’s see. What else? enjoy There’s the want some liner notes for you to read But you know how sometimes we get a Get a used album and we pull out the inner sleeve and it’s got some interesting Markings on it. Well, I thought this was very interesting. I found this record down in a Springfield, Missouri And There’s there’s the note that the father left his son Jeff don’t plan on skiing or anything this weekend until you’ve cleaned up that blank blank room dad Kind of creepy when I first saw it because of the name Jeff on there I thought ah But yeah And oh I wanted to show you the mega label the mega label is really a cool label, I love it There we go And like a building on there and then when I was shopping for records This one here is one I don’t think I’ve showed before But I was shopping inside of Ear wax records this goes this goes back Further than two years, but I think I just overlooked showing this one here Gary Wilkerson the owner he was in there spinning You know records and music playing on the overhead of while I dug and I heard music that really grabbed me Oh side a side be man, I like every song I’ve gotta get this record But I didn’t I could not place who it was It just had me You know totally had me puzzled, so I asked him a showed me Turned out to be the group sunrise from 77 great melodic upbeat energetic Great songwriting good instrumentation. The guys are very talented Very tight even jazzy at times. Yeah, just a great infectious pop rock records And every single song I like there’s about three or four that edge the rest of them out But they’re all great Not really any duds on here So it was worth it was worth the three or so dollars I paid for it Yeah, just totally disregard the price sticker on there, yeah And this was on Buddha records it was a promo radio station copy and Then from Canada another group, I really loved growing up The this these guys wrote some very good They good song writing good melodic structures very memorable Music just sticks in your head beautiful tunes here somewhat melancholic Wistful, you know, they’re dreamy light breezy Just you know, beautiful. I think of a kind of a breezy sunny afternoon in a field and flowers You know blonde or children playing or something the music It For the most part just recalls a summertime spring or summer for for me Yeah, Larry Larry oh boy vocals & drums Roger Ellis vocals guitars and Paul Weldon keyboards But here’s the songs last song Was their big radio hit and then catch it County Oh, I love both of those songs catchy counties, especially beautiful and dreamy just Incredible my gosh. They don’t even make I don’t even think they’re capable of making songs like hatchet County anymore it’s it’s magical and Let’s see. There’s the other songs Yeah fly across the sea and masquerade I think we’re other radio Hits of theirs and there’s the band And next from 1963 Believe it or not. This is sealed yet. I just could not believe I could run across a copy That was sealed an original Copy on the Liberty label from 1963 of Vicky’s car and this is my favorite album of hers Yeah, I had first found this album in a little LP and hat was planted in my jukebox had found it at the Music exchange and and Shortly after that maybe a year after that I found the LP which had come in and it was from a radio station up in Kansas City as a matter of fact KMBZ A.m. 980 and it had the big call letters written on a sticker on the front and the DJ You know scribble on the back, you know their songs how they raid them. What time of day to play them? up-tempo, whatever know The yeah, I love her voice and she plays all the big pop standards of the day File under female vocalist. Yeah, great great stuff here I Think she was born in July of 41 Liner notes there and the songs just the album is just great all the way through I would I Would say this would make good evening unwind music with your girl, you know dinner music candle. I just you know sitting outside on the porch swing just lay the laid-back stuff and then another One by Simon and Garfunkel. I was missing I’ve got most of their stuff. I’m just missing one more of theirs I’ve always bypassed them in the bins for decades because they were too scratched or You know ring worn or seam splits, but this one here was in the shrink nice clean You know They’re worthy of a nice clean. Listen without all that, you know surf surface noise But yeah, great album here great. Great out There’s a songs For those of you who like reading the liner notes Nice shot of them there in the subway And next we have here from 1967 a group called the Marquette’s they put out a whole bunch of albums. Just like the ventures Very similar sound alike group all instrumentalists music no vocals and This is a more of a, you know flower child peace love and joy type of you know group from that Summer of Love All great beat Sonny hop tunes on here fun there’s the songs I Got a little stickers ere by the two favorite songs of mine on the whole album, but they’re all great. I Found this record down in Springfield, Missouri And it’s on the won´t Pacific label, which is a division of Liberty records And then sort of a soul funk group with a little bit of disco in there on some of the songs this is brother to brother Disregard any orange price tags on there. Those are not what I paid for them These are just old Polly sleeves that other records came in I just put in a newer blank sleeve and Have my more old used stuff in these old Polly sleeves yet, but I need to get them all in the Blake’s sleeves The brother to brother let your mind be fruity One that I never remember hearing on the radio The whole album is great that my favorite pick on this album would be visions runs a little over seven minutes really laid-back mellow jam really cool really cool Love it And it’s on the turbo label And next we have another group from Canada here This record was issued on a Canadian label and then an American label the American label was Evolution records. I’m sure you’re familiar with evolution records. They had some more obscure groups on there. I think white house and Game and a few others were on there It’s possible if memory serves correct that may be one of them Mike Quatro Suzi Quatro, ‘s older brother was on one of his albums possibly his first debut album was on the evolution records, but Yeah, this is the Gainsborough gallery Life is a song And this is really nice sike sunshine pop here Nice breezy stuff So this is the evolutions label And then another great a great band, I really love I always remember hearing a Wildflower on the radio. I’ve got a lot of radio play back in the day Yep found a really clean copy just This is self titled this one here and I think both of their albums released Back-to-back were from 73. This one may be from 72 late 72 probably the There’s the band They make a really nice Psychedelic music here kind of dreamy futuristic Spacey Synthesizers in their mode great guitars very soulful It’s on the Capital Target label in 72 they switched over to the red from the lime. So this is probably a 72 release or right at the end of 72 the All the songs on here are great Some of them are kind of wistful and melancholy yearning and others are more upbeat I’ve got a female singer in here and Wildflower is a standout favorite for me personally and then 26 years checkout 26 years great cyntha, spacey synth on there and then Isaac Hayes juicy fruit Yeah, here he goes a little disco disco five here fun stuff And next TV series I didn’t know existed Washington behind closed doors another heavily orchestrated Disco tinged soundtrack, but just great great music very big totally Pitta meat of that 70s Highly orchestrated sound we’ve come to love ya I really like this soundtrack here just a load of musicians a huge backing work astre practically Now this TV series ran I think in 76 And look at all the musicians there oh Man I can’t there we go Yeah, this was a quite an interesting find here I really enjoyed this record And then lastly I’ll show Tommy ro been missing this Tommy row Fantasy Fantasy He was a singer of you know, nice light psychedelic pop songs in the day and in the 60s into the early 70s He had the big hit dizzy from 69 and sweetpea. Hooray for hazel, you know jam up and jelly tight yeah, it’s now winters day was a beautiful hit that he had on AM radio and Those are the songs Someone wrote in July 30th or 31st 1969 yeah Yeah, I liked all his stuff all his stuff And his records were on the ABC ABC records of the label So that wraps it up here 20 minutes that’s a good stopping time see on the next one folks. Take care