Vorstellung Vorderschafterhöhung Rowan Engineering – Hamster Rink Formgriffe

Hi! Nice of you to drop by! Today I would like to present you again some products from the range of accessories. I’ve been getting a lot of attention lately. and asked to just take a look at my air rifles. or my equipment that belongs to me personally a little bit more exactly to introduce. And today I have two parts for I’d like to show you. Here you can see my Anschütz 9015 with the ONE stock currently installed. And there I’ve added a Rowan Engineering adjustable foreend mechanism and a hamster or small boat from Rink Formgriffe. This is what I’ll show you a little bit more in the close-up later. But what did I use it for? Especially the athletes from the field target sector know it. anyway, for everyone else I just want to show the accessories for a short time. Suppose you have a target on Field Target Lane that is relatively far above you, it will be very difficult for you to reach this position in a sitting position. This means that the forend is a bit too low for that shot in the end. Rowan Engineering has produced the adjustable foreend mechanism for this purpose. And as is the case with ingenious products, you only realize that they are ingenious when you take them in your hand, and they immediately understand how easy it is to use. You see this one lever here, I’ll adjust it, and you already have the possibility to adjust the forearm mechanism to your liking. Now I just put the lever back and the hamster is locked. Now we can shoot comfortably uphill. Of course, you can get the raise I can set it up just the way you want. I’ll just show it again and I’ll flip the lever, depending on how you want to shoot, that leaves you completely free. And then just go for the hit. For someone who is now working in the field target area is not so experienced, it may seem a little exaggerated. I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration at first. Especially since it costs a few euros. But at the latest when you’re on the lane, and sit up in the tree, and lean back as far as you can, and that’s still not enough, then you realize the sense of this forend raising. Now I’ll show you the Hamster from Rink Formgriffe. The you really have to have a close look at each other. Cause that’s an absolute really awesome quality. I’m gonna do this a little elevated, and then we’re gonna go Let’s get to the close-up. So, now you see here with a great checkering the Forearm rest, i.e. hamster, i.e. shuttle. You’ll get this boat. either at www.formgriffe.de or at Adam Benke’s shop (www.benke-sport.de). You can also get the Rowan forend raiser from Adam Benke in the shop, or directly on www.rowan-engineering.com There are different brackets. I’ve got the ones for the UIT rail. The advantage, or the special thing about this is this quick-release fastener. You can simply turn it on and then remove the hamster completely. This fore-end raiser is also available with other brackets. Just have a look at www.rowan-engineering.com Now you’ve already seen those two parts I wanted to show you. I can recommend my Facebook page to you now: www.facebook.com/airghandi There you will find news, videos 3x a week, Short clips and pictures as well as interesting links. There’s a lot happening. That’s supposed to be it from my side. If you have any more questions, keep them here. Then thank you for watching! See you next time! Servus says AirGhandi