WACH | Der Film

Just woke up. Day one. Man, I’m tired. I’m so beat already. No idea how long I’ll stick it out. Same thing every day. The same sh*t.
Nothing but bullsh*t dreams. I was being followed by a shadow. I read that dreams aren’t subconscious. They don’t mirror the psyche. They’re just junk our minds spit out. I want to feel something. Anything. Not nothing. Sh*t, I have to wake up. AWAKE Hi, Mom. Thanks for the 20 euros. I’m on my way to her.
I’ll be in touch. Love you. AWAKE TWO HOURS Your dad’s really not home?
-I haven’t seen him in like a week. He give you dough?
-No, you know how he’s been. And shopping?
-Did Mirjam give you money? 20, but it’s not enough.
What’ll we do? Hassan owes me money, that b*stard. Can?
-Yes. Is your brother there?
-Who’s this? Nike, dude. Is your brother there? No one’s here. Have you done your homework? And now?
-Check the cage. Either “a**hole” tattooed
on your forehead or no sex ever again. Nah, man.
-Oh yeah, man. Either-or! Can I do it myself?
-Nope. Uh-uh. I don’t want “a**hole” on my forehead!
-No sex? Okay. I’ll wear a hat.
-Uh-uh-uh! So huge that everyone can read it.
-Never! My mom would die when she saw it.
-Nah. You would die. She’d so kill you, dude. Hassan, where’s my money? Next week, promise. Not next week.
I asked where my money is. Got any coin, Anes?
-No, dog! Guys, I don’t have all day.
What’s the deal? Why you filming?
-‘Cause we’re cops. Now show it to me.
-I’ve only got 25, 26. But I can give you 20 worth of stuff too.
-No, all or nothing. Why not go home and ask Mommy? You get the rest tomorrow, Nike.
-It’s good sh*t. Should we take some?
-We said no drugs. What’s wrong with you guys?
-All right then, 26 and your hat. The average German
sleeps eight hours, is awake for 16,
works eight of those, three hours of TV, three hours on a smartphone, one hour to eat,
45 minutes to shower and stuff, leaving 15 minutes each day. Stop that!
-Hey! Take it easy! How is it your business?
-Try another way. Stay strong!
In two months you’ll be bigger than her. There, uh.. And… f*ck. And one of the turquoise ones.
-I’ll need to see your ID. Do I look 16? C., you got yours? No, man.
-Can you stop filming me? But you look so beautiful! Really. So…
-No! Know what? F*ck you! Why do you care if we f*cking…
-Dude! It’s true! C*nt! Google knows everything. How to do perfect eye makeup. How to build a bomb. And how to stay awake
as long as possible. Time is your enemy. It’s best not to know
if it’s day or night. Drugs are taboo, too unpredictable. Cigarettes, gum.
Chewing in general. Drinking lots helps. You need lots of food because your body
uses way more energy. And most important? You can’t be alone.
-Awesome! Finally eating what I want again.
-Okay. Either-or. Fat with your dream guy
or skinny with a loser? Depends. How fat is fat? So fat no one can sit next to you
on the bus. Dude! I’d be better just kill myself now. The dream guy loves you regardless.
-So you pick fat? I pick the dream guy. Okay, well,
I pick the loser and stay hot. And I cheat on him with my dream guy.
-No! You can’t have both. I can have whatever I want.
-Bullsh*t! He’s never been this fast.
-Oh, no. Okay. You know what? I’ll open up naked. Hi!
-Hello, pizza. Yes?
-Yes… One half salami, half cheese.
-Yes. Um… Yeah. 11.50.
-Or come in and I’ll give you a blow job. Seriously! Or don’t you like me? No… that’s not it.
I have two pizzas in my car. I have to pay…
-If you like virgins, take my sister. Yes. Cash or card? I read you hit a high after 24 hours. Dude, nothing feels different. AWAKE 24 HOURS Whoa, I’m going to crash. No! No, don’t crash! …hot spot for hate,
Money, power, fame The worst things plaguing this world Most here are hypnotized
And messed up in the brain Sanageyama… Six million clicks! Crazy!
-They’re so intense. Totally. That’s it, dog! Take what you film, and put it together into a real movie,
like an hour long. And then we put it on YouTube. And then we’ll become huge stars! What?
-You’re nuts. Why?
You’re filming our time awake anyway. Yeah, but I can’t make a movie. What the f*ck? Sure you can. Of course. Honestly, C.! The stuff you do is awesome. You’re nuts.
-What’s your problem? Then do it for me.
I don’t get why you’re laughing. Sorry. I want to have that little dude.
That Hollywood award. An Oscar?
-Yeah. Man! Okay. Hold this. Stop laughing, you moron! “…Nike!” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’d like to thank my… weirdo director. What do we do now? What’s your problem? Be quiet! Turn that sh*t down! Screw him! 8,561 photos on my phone. Proof we’re here, that we exist. We want to be seen,
to share, get likes. You know, everyone worries about us. Generation Z. They say “likes”
trigger a dopamine rush, the same as drinking and drugs. And that it’s just as addictive.
But know what? Being addicted to “likes”
beats being a drunk. So, no worries. It’s all an illusion.
The illusion that life is good. The camera only sees what we record,
not the shitty reality we live in. I recently saw this scientist… He said at some point in our lives
a drop of our own piss will fall on us. The rest of the time others piss on us. Hey, Nike. Nike? Come on, let’s go. Staying awake inside
isn’t working anyway. Okay, yeah. Let’s go. Check her out! No joy in life for her now. Damn, check her out! Let’s go! Hey! Faster! We’re going there. This is Khan. And he makes the best pizza,
the best kebabs and the best fries… And the best burgers.
-And the best burgers. And the best… everything
in the whole neighborhood. C., these two fries are for you. Ten cents if you eat them.
-Ten cents if I do it? Give me my camera!
-You want trouble? Want trouble, crazy sl*t?
-Ugly b*stard! Easy, easy!
-Screw off, man! Out of my way, dude!
-Easy! Easy! You b*stard! Screw off!
-Hey, hey! Easy. Easy. Give her the camera back, man! And now screw off! Screw off!
-F*ck you! Hear that?
-You’re insane! Insane? I’m insane?
-Hey! Are you insane? You motherf*ckers! Motherf*ckers! Crazy b*tch!
-Stop it! Stop! Chill out! Leave me!
-What’s your problem? You’re not right in the head! What’s up? Come on.
-F*ck you, man! Dog, no more guys on this trip. Not even if they’re hot. Is everything still in one piece? I think so. Let’s go downtown.
This sh*t’s making me sick. AWAKE TWENTY-EIGHT HOURS Hold on. Hello. Are you going down?
Do you need some help? Okay, either-or. Either you live in your dream place
but never see anyone you know again or you never leave the hood. But I’ll meet new people, right?
-Yes. I love you.
Not seeing you again would suck. But if it were the only way out… And you? My mom, you. Soon you’ll be in New York
chilling with Kanye anyway. We will be. No, man. I’m stuck here. Bullsh*t. Bullsh*t! Hey!
-What? Yeah, man, it’s all good. It’s fine. It’s no big deal. I f*cking love this record shop. A birth every minute in Germany. Yet another
who “has to have” a new iPhone. Oh, God! That’s a lot of books. Yet another
wannabe superstar or supermodel. What’s that?
-The best music in the world. Yet another who has to be the greatest. You know her?
She takes such cool photos. It’s said they use fear
to get us to buy things. Fashion and more! Ew! A kitten. Either-or.
-This one. Fear makes me feel I’m dying, not like buying things. Whoa! Smell this.
-For men, right? They promise hope. “Be pretty in this lipstick.” Sexy!
I so want to make out with you right now! “Be somebody in these clothes.”
-You got a permit for that? “This car… This home…” They sell hope. False hope. Not bad. Let’s put on a fashion show. And we fall for it. Not bad given the crap they usually have.
-Yeah, well… We’re taking these.
-What? I snuck some money from my dad.
-How much? 120.
-What? He’ll kill you! Yeah, so what? I don’t want this crap.
-You look so hot in it! Come on. Wait! See the girl with all the bags?
-What about her? Come on. Come on!
-You know her? No, I’m not doing that.
-Shh! Lower the camera. Bye! I hate you!
-Walk normal. Don’t turn around, man!
Don’t turn around! Hey, you two! Stop there!
-Leave that stuff! Come on! Stop! Run! You look so hot in that stuff.
-Turn the camera off! You look so hot!
-Did you sneak money? No, my old man
doesn’t earn that in a month. I’ve never stolen anything!
-You really want to wear your old junk? All our stuff is gone!
-Not your camera. The old sh*t’s not us. And this is? Hey, Lolo. I’m sorry, okay? Sorry. I’m really sorry. Come here. Okay? Hey! Come on, it wasn’t that bad. Okay, C.,
but don’t be angry anymore, okay? Come on. What do we do now?
-No idea. You don’t want to go home, do you? My dad’s at home.
-My mom thinks I’m staying with you. Hey, we can’t go home now.
We wanted to stay awake. Let’s do something nice. The money?
-It was in my pants. All of it?
-Yes, all of it. F*ck!
-I’m so f*cking cold. Let’s go in somewhere.
-With no dough? It’s late. We’ll find something. AWAKE 36 HOURS Come on. Let’s go in here. Here?
-At least it’s warm. The questions of our times…
Your weight? How many Instagram followers do you have? What do you want to be? Who are you having sex with? Everyone’s concerned.
Young people learn about sex from porn. The wrong image of sex, without love… Love… Beat it! Don’t come here that drunk!
-Excuse me! What?
-How does the theater work? What are you doing?
-What do you mean? Camera down! No pictures.
-Sorry, we didn’t see that. So, the theater?
-You 18? 18 and 20.
-Turn the camera off and go in. No photos, no filming.
-Sorry, we promise. Thanks. Who said it? “Everything in the world is about sex,
except sex. Sex is about power.” This is no place for you!
-But it is for you? Girls, seriously. Come on! Oh, that’s disgusting.
-Gross! So gross. Okay, let’s leave.
-Yeah, man. Dude, he’s wasted.
-Let me do this. You’re new. Got some time?
-We were just going. Where are you going?
-No, we’ve got… No… We’ve got to go.
-Hold on, you don’t… Hold on! Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
-Just let us get by, okay? I just want to talk.
-Don’t cause trouble. I’m not a freak. Really. I’m a good guy. Don’t cause trouble.
-You’re so gorgeous. Guess you aren’t a freak.
-It’s okay. It’s okay. We’ll just be late. Let’s go! I like you.
-After you. Some champagne?
-Yeah. Back there should be free. How old are you two anyway? Do you kiss each other?
-Okay, Nike, go! Fast! F*ck! Dude, you so saved our asses. Dude, he was creepy.
-My heart’s racing. Too much. I’ve never been so scared.
-Not in my life, dog! “Do you kiss each other?”
Perverted b*stard! Let’s get out of here.
-No, we’re going back. 250 euros!
-Man! We’ve got dough!
What are we going to do? Dance!
-Yeah, man! Let’s go dancing! Camera down. Hello!
-IDs please. I don’t have it.
We forgot them. I’m over 18. You’re well preserved.
-Thanks. Another time.
-All my friends are inside. My friends are inside. Really. My ID, too, my boyfriend…
-Know where I went at your age? Home! Siggi, get this.
-Right, ladies. I swear, my friends are all inside.
So is my phone. It’s inside with my boyfriend.
How can I reach him, if he… ? Want something to drink?
-That was super nice of you. Have fun! Okay.
-Dude, that was a joke! You’re super easy to get rid of.
-I’m just not pushy. Too bad.
-Do you want a drink or not? Yes.
-You too? Yeah, sure.
-All right. Come on. This is… ?
-Nike. What?
-Nike! And this is… ?
-Carl. Carlotta, she doesn’t like the name.
-You filming? She studies film.
-You making a film? Yes.
-What about? Me.
-You? Yes.
-Hey, I love your leading lady. What do you want to drink?
-Water. I’ll have water too.
-Gin & tonic for me. Want to take something? No. But can I smoke somewhere?
-Come on. You been here often?
-Three, four times. What?
-Three, four times. Three, four times? Four? Three?
-No idea, man. Who gives a sh*t? You like it?
-I’ve seen better. What? Seen better? It’s my place!
-It’s your place? No way! No, it’s not. I don’t want the headache.
Yo, brother! Thanks!
-I want water. I want water. Gin & Tonic for you. Either-or. Burn to death or drown?
-Where’s the ice? Burn to death or drown?
-Neither of them. That so shitty. You can’t say that. Dude, it’s a game. Either-or? If one had to come true,
which would you decide? Burn to death or drown?
-Drown. I say drown. You don’t want to burn.
Your skin burns. No way. Me too. Drown.
-You’d be passed out. I’ll drown with my buddy. You?
-Drown too. Drown. One, two, three. No, you’re so soft. Burn! No, man! You’re just playing. It’s better to burn out
than to fade away, dog. F*ck! Okay, okay, okay.
No, no, no! Okay. Sh*t! We look so bad! I look like that? But the boys are really sweet, huh? Do you hear me?
-C., there’s no point! Look at me.
-C., come on! Stop it!
-What do you want to do? Stop filming! The last few hours I’ve felt high. Nothing but music. No space, no time. But then it was back. Fear. Panic. Your heart races. You sweat. You see and hear differently.
You think you’re dying. A survival mechanism
from when animals posed a threat to people. Your body prepares to flee. Run! Run! But there’s nothing
to be afraid of anymore. Eat your vegetables.
Only f*ck with a condom. Get insurance. Pay your taxes. And you’ll live forever. AWAKE 48 HOURS Where did you go?
What’s wrong with you? You take something?
-No! You f*ck him?
-No! In the bathroom?
-No, I didn’t!This crap makes me sick.
-We said no guys. What’s up?
-Hello! There’s nothing you need to be afraid of. It’s cold.
-What do you want to do? Want to go back in?
-You will live forever. Hey, you got a ride?
-Yeah. Let’s drive to the seaside!
-Now? She’s nuts.
-Yes! No! Now?
-Just for an hour. Not me. I’ve got class tomorrow.
-Oh, come on! You will live forever. Awesome ride!
-Yeah, it’s all right. It’s my old man’s. He says if I crash in it, I’ll survive. Live forever. Dude, that smell! Hold on. Can I drive? You will live forever.
-You’re far too high. Let me drive. Nope.
-I’m so good. I’m such a good driver. You got a license? No, but I drive my dad’s cars
without him knowing. Come on, let me drive! Nope.
-Live forever. How cool is this? You will… … live forever.
-What’s your favorite song? Gosh, favorite song?
I definitely have all-time favorites. Nice. Keeps you awake. You will live forever. Oh, f*ck. Dog! I’m dozing off.
This is no good. Here we go. Either-or. Give me an either-or! Yeah?
-Either… Okay, C., you do it. Hey? What’s up back there?
You passed out with your eyes open? Huh? Carl?
-Yo, C.! Charly?
-What’s she doing? Hey! C., dude? Carlotta?
-Hey! Cut the crap!
-Hey, C.! C.! What did you guys take?
-We didn’t take anything! Then what’s wrong with her?
-Pull over! Give me a sec!
-Pull over! You said you didn’t take drugs!
-You dumb? What’s with you?
-We didn’t take anything. Charly! Pull over!
-Enough! What am I doing? Charly! Hey? Hey, C., please cut the crap! Not now, please!
Hey! Hey, look at me! Man! You have to hit her. Hey, hey! C.? C.! Slap her!
-C.! C.! You all right? Hey, hey, hey!
-Go away, man! Dude! Hey! Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m here. Come on. It’s okay. Everything’s okay. Man, why do you do this kind of crap? Everything’s okay. You okay? How long have you been awake?
-No idea. C., how long we been awake?
-Two and half days. That’s crazy. And the camera?
-We’re filming being awake. As long as possible, no drugs.
-No drugs? Drugs are crap. They take you down. And not sleeping doesn’t?
-At least it’s pure. Why?
-Because we can. No one can stop us. Just because?
-Not just because. “It’s like this. You do it this way.” Every day’s the same,
so you get stoned, but it’s no help. So you get so stoned you don’t notice it. Notice what?
-You don’t notice everything’s shitty! Right, I’ll drive you back.
-No! C., that wasn’t funny. It wasn’t funny!
-I’m fine. I’m fine! You’re not! You need sleep. Take me to the beach,
for something nice! It was really scary just now. Come on, let’s just…
-I’m good. Nike, please. I want to stay awake. We’re almost there.
Please, half an hour. The wind goes right through me. In one ear and back out the other. I feel every grain of sand. The water is no longer liquid. I feel the molecules. I am everything. Everything is me. Nike. The beach. The water. The sun is within my grasp. I feel the earth turning. The power of the universe. All me. Hey, do you feel that too? It’s more awesome than being high. All me. AWAKE 50 HOURS I’m super tired.
-You can’t say that! What?
-That’s our safe word! Safe word?
-For when we really can’t go on. Swear you won’t say it. Don’t say it.
-Swear it! Okay! I promise I won’t say I’m tired. Who are you anyway?
-Who am I? Yeah, your name!
-Who are you? I already told you, man. My name’s Jesco.
-Jesco? Okay, but if we’re going to stay awake
I have to eat. Yeah, let’s get some chow.
-I’m really, really hungry. What’s that there? Is this a hotel or something? Wait, I’ll see what they have.
-We’ll pay. Go to reception.
The buffet is only for guests. Hey! What are you doing with the food? House rules.
-I’ll take care of it. They apply to everyone.
-Thanks. Dude, what’s he doing? What’s up?
-I booked us a room. What?
-Just for a night. Since we’re hungry
I ordered room service. So much runs me down
So much runs me down I’m getting so f*cking, f*cking run down
Run down We need money, money to live
And we take, take, take No one thinks to give… This is like in The Shining. Are you rich or something? Awesome! Dude!
-Damn! Crazy view! Dude! Everything okay with you?
-Yes. And with you? This is the craziest thing
we’ve ever done, staying awake like this! Damn, it’s huge! Thanks. Oh, how awesome! Awesome bed! You’re so gorgeous. Either-or? Either-or? Come here. We want it all. And all of it now. Immediately. And we can have it. Here. Need something? Order it.
It’ll arrive tomorrow. Want to know something? Google. To hear a song? Stream. To watch a series? Binge. A date? Swipe. It’s the important things
you can’t have right away. Some things take time. Lie on top of her.
-What can’t you get with a click? C.? Are you ready? Friendship. Be careful. Trust. Everything all right? Love. How awesome is this? Yeah, here’s good.
-I’d like a signature. 144 euros! They want your signature. Oh, yeah. You guys just do it.
-Okay. Nike! Everything okay?
-No. Dude, I’m really, really tired. Seriously? Yes, we haven’t slept in forever. I don’t want to sleep yet. We have to go home.
We said half an hour at the beach. We said we’d stay awake
as long as we can. Yeah, but I can’t anymore. Crash here.
-No, I’m not crashing alone. We said we’d do it together. What’s with him? He’s totally drugged up.
-Hold on a sec. Jesco?
-This is the sh*t! F*ck! Jesco?
-Yes! Hey! Hey! Hello, C. Come on!
-No, man. Never. No! I don’t want to go up there.
I want to go home. This is the sh*t! Wait, I’ll put something on.
-Yeah. You’re really going up? Charly, stop! I’ll be right back.
-Seriously? Hold this.
-I don’t think that… Help me. A bit higher. Come on. Come on, I’ll help you. It’s okay. AWAKE 67 HOURS Come here. I’ve got you. Hey, dude! Jesco, come back! Stop it!
-It’s all good. Come back!
-It’s fine. Just flying a bit. It’s not funny. Come back.
-Come here. Come here. Trust me. It’s all good. Come here. Okay? Everything’s fine. I’ve got you. Hold me.
-I have you. Hold me tight.
-It’s fine. You’re safe. I’ve got you. You feel that? Come on. Come to me.
-Oh, God! Come now.
-Let go! Hey! Wait. God, you’re so beautiful. You’re gorgeous.
You’re about to take off. Feel that? You’re about to take off.
-Yeah. Wait, stay right there. Stay right there. Trust me.
-Life is wonderful. I thought I was my fear. I am much more. I am everything. I think we can get down here. Oh, my God! Turn back, the elevators are shut down. My friend is in the room.
-You can’t pass. We’ll get her down. Is there a fire?
-We may have to call the fire department! Nike? Nike? Pardon me. Pardon… Do you see her?
-No. No, no idea. Sorry. F*ck, man, what did we do?
-Sh*t! Sh*t, man. Maybe she took off. C., what are you doing? She’s definitely not still up there. C.! C., chill. Nike? Nike? C., calm down, man.
-She here? Sh*t! So beautiful.
-What are you doing? So beautiful.
-Everything okay? Hey? What is it?
-I’m sorry. Why?
-I love you. What did you do?
-I didn’t mean to. Didn’t mean to what?
-I wanted to stay awake. What did you take?
-Just one line. One line? One line?
-Yes. One line. Why did you do that?
-Of… Of his coke. This? Yes, that. It’s not coke. F*ck, man! It’s pure MDMA!
-What? I’ll call an ambulance.
-You nuts? No! No! Come on. Come inside. Come inside.
Hang up, that’ll take too long. It’ll take too long. We can’t!
-She needs a hospital now! This is the middle of nowhere.
-What? You have to drive!
-We need a hospital. None of us is driving!
You’re too tired, I’m too drugged up. I can drive!
-Be sensible! Be sensible!
-Dude… Your sh*t is killing her! It’s your fault! You left your sh*t out!
-I didn’t think she’d take it! Think about it, C.! Please!
-She needs a hospital! What the f*ck, that’s enough! Hey! C., calm down!
-Get away from the door. C., now…
-Get away from the door! Hey, let her go! Sorry, I didn’t want that.
-Don’t touch her! What’s your problem? Okay, f*ck! Then drive into a tree.
I don’t give a f*ck. You guys are totally insane!
-We’re not your whores! What’s your problem? Come on! You a**hole! Go!
-Hey, now calm down. Here, put this on. F*ck, you’re burning up.
-I love you so much. I love you too. Let me go! Where are you going? We’re looking for the car. Help me.
-What car do you mean? Which one?
-Jesco’s car. Nike! Come, come, come. Come on, get up.
-No. No! Come on, let’s keep going.
-Yes. Ow!
-Go! Go! Go on, get in. Get in!
-Okay! Okay. F*ck, where’s… Sh*t, where’s reverse?
-C., where are you going? Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Sh*t! Okay, I can do this.
I can do this. I can do this. What’s with you, you d*ck? This way. Sh*t! Come on! Come on! Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Oh, sh*t.In 3.5 kilometers turn onto the B75.When are we there?
-Soon. It’s not much further. How far is it? It’s not far at all. How far is not far at all? It’s… It’s not far at all. So tired.
-Hey, you can’t fall asleep now. Stay awake! Hey, Nike, you have to stay awake. You have to stay awake! I can’t. I have to sleep. No. No, man, you can’t sleep now. You have to stay awake. Nike! Nike! Nike! I can’t make it. Yes, you’ll make it. You’ll make it, man. What are you doing?
-I’m tired. No, you can’t sleep now. You have to stay awake. Stay awake!
-Sleep… Stay awake!
-I can’t make it. Stay with me. We’re almost there. We’re almost there. Hey, stay awake!
Nike, you can’t sleep. Stay with me! I want to feel something. Anything. I’m not even afraid. I don’t feel anything anymore. I want to feel something,
any damn thing. I’m not even afraid. I want to be afraid. I want to be afraid
so I can feel that I’m alive. Mom? Mom, can you pick us up? In the hospital. I’m fine, but Nike’s not doing so well. Can you come here? I’m so sorry, Mom. I’m so sorry. Okay. Mom! Mom. Sorry I couldn’t get here faster. Everything’s okay. How’s Nike? I don’t know.
They won’t tell me anything. HOURS AWAKE Hey! Hey. Well?
-C.! Everything okay?
-Yeah. I had a wild time with Elsa. What?
-With my new grandma. Man, Mirjam!
-Nike! I’m sorry.
Thanks for being here for me. Everything’s fine. I’m here. Is the camera running?
-Uh-huh. I’ve never felt sexier. You two, always with that camera.
-No worries, you’re on it too. How are you?
-I’m actually pretty good. Well, I’m a bit blurry still. And all sweaty. But the sleep really did me good.
I’m pretty good. And you? What did the two of you get up to? Hello. Nicole Martens?
-Yes. Ah, so you’re Nicole’s mother? Great.
We’ve been trying to reach her dad. How is she?
-She’s in a stable condition. We have the acute intoxication
under control. First and foremost,
the lack of sleep and the exhaustion had a major impact
on her overall condition. But now she just needs to recuperate.
Sleep lots, drink lots. Can I take the two of them home now? Um… It’s not that simple… Due to… Due to Nicole’s psychiatric history, her psychological state
shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’ve asked for a psychiatrist’s opinion.
He’s coming here to assess her. As soon as he can.
-Listen… Tomorrow I’ll check them into
the psychiatric ward they were in before. We were happy with it.
-Mrs. Martens. Even if she’s physically stable
and seems just fine… You said she needs rest, not a lecture…
-It’s not fine. This event… … or a new psychiatrist.
-… went way too far. She needs to be home in bed.
-Too little sleep, too many drugs. Fine. If you think that’s best
for your daughter. She isn’t 18 yet. So, as her mother, you can decide. I have no reason to object. All right.
-Right. Yes, go to reception
and fill out the forms. Need anything? Anything to eat or drink? A burger would be really awesome. Something warm. Troubles? I’ll help you out. Bring it with you. You deserve it.
-Thanks. Here, a cup of tea.
-You’re the best. Have a nice day.
-Saved my day. And, what do you ladies want? We would like a burger… … fries and a cola. And you? Your mom is really cool. Dude… I so don’t want to go home. They’ll put me with the crazies
for six months. It wasn’t your fault this time. They’ll never believe me.
You know that. Do you remember Micha? Sure.
-Dude! Beat his head on the wall all night
and came to breakfast with open wounds. We’re normal compared to him. Yeah. Half a year, no cell phone. No f*cking cheeseburger. I can forget about graduating too.
-Then you’ll graduate next year. I said that last year,
and the year before that. I’ll never get out of this crap. Hold on! Hey! Thanks! Oh my! Thanks! Thanks! We’re the kids who take coke at 12
and realize it sucks at 13. Who screw at 14 and f*ck at 15. Who look for love at 16
and for meaning at 17. The meaning of life.
The meaning of death. The meaning of love. The meaning of existence. We’re expected to be grown up at 18,
to know who we are, know what we want. We’re the kids
they say can do anything we want. Bullsh*t. We are the kids
who can’t become anything, we’re not allowed to, not supposed to. We’re your kids. FROM C. FOR NIKE MAY 24, 2000 – MAY 25, 2018 AWAKE BABELSISCH TRANSLATIONS
Subtitles: Nathan Fritz