Welcome to Yoga with Lin and Leo. Iyengar Yoga for Beginners and more (Subtitles).

“Hi, I’m Lin”, “and I’m Leo,” “Welcome to our channel!” “Yoga with Lin and Leo'” “We’re passionate about yoga. We want to share yoga with everybody” “But not everybody can get into these complicated classical poses like Lin. So therefore…” “Sometimes, you have to modify the actions as Leo’s doing here.” “with some props occasionally. You can see here, I’m sitting up. This makes this action a little more accessible for many people.” “We are experienced Iyengar Yoga teachers,” “And we teach here at the Maidstone Yoga Centre, but if you can’t get to us, you need to find an Iyengar Yoga teacher near to you.” “Yes, take a look online and find a class close to you.” “If you enjoy our videos that you do with us, then please do click on the Subscribe button to enable us to do more of them.” “We aim to make yoga safe and accessible for you,” “So if you have any comments, we love to hear from our students, so please do make some comments below.” “Yes, so, Yoga starts here! Roll out your mat.” “Get started and welcome to Yoga with Lin and Leo.”