what coachella is really like (vlog & story time)

This is kind of like actually how Coachella goes yes Ellie lost her phone You should put your hand on a stone. Oh, well I have to I know that’s what I’m doing We need to find some like really good non-copyright. Yes, because I need montage. So, okay Okay, so I went into Coachella sick Here I am now and my voice sounds like this so There’s so much we need a structure we need instruction have you been We have a quad road right over there Love you got you. Oh Let’s take a whale Hi, I’m summer and this is Hannah I bet you’re wondering how we got here likes to take it all the way back in the game I’m excited and slightly anxious, but I’m more excited Ah Let’s make this Coachella the best one ever. See you in LA This whole vlogging thing is a little bit difficult to do on Coachella weekend, so it’s kind of all over the place We want to add some structure. We’re trying to tell the story Suns going down. Here we go. Very wretched lady Yeah, it all starts with the dope party bus So that was the right to Coachella it was really cool and very long then we got to our house which was beautiful. Oh I’m really excited to ride bikes. So we were just in our bus first Holly’s like four and a half hours. We’re rolling in wait Why Wait, we got a little like boards Very excited. Oh oh and and Okay, I have been working with this brand new sticks Which is a really cool makeup brand very like my my aesthetic. It’s very It’s very my vibe really natural simple makeup and I actually clogged with them to come out with my own line of like cheek potted cream eye shadow highlighters and Really good applause that I was applying all weekend. I borrowed it a lot it was Yeah, you really came in handy? So that was in everybody Oh you guys I’m gonna open up these new tick boxes guys. It may not be my collection It was really really cool I was so cool and like she said it so casually like just casually guys like we were like What is this and we opened it up? And so I was like, oh, yeah, that might may or might not be mine. Oh No, it was really sweet see my reaction. Thank you. So that was really exciting And then we had dinner went to bed next day day one of coaches We just walked out to the main field It was a lot of people’s first times at Coachella So it was a little bit thinking about pictures And like blogging and then trying to see your favorite artists and everything like and also stayed in contact with your friend Literally, I think that’s the most stressful part. Oh, okay, okay So let’s talk about let’s talk about the artists that I did see this day. We started with king princess We’re all very excited we’re taking some pictures Then we stopped Fisher Then ooh me and Lily ran to go see still woozy because I love Bill Busey so much you like not knowing who that is Nobody knew who he was and so lily was like, okay, I’ll go with you. So that’s another thing it’s kind of difficult because some people will want to see certain artists when other people want to do other things like Drink water sit down take pictures a picture So when you see us kind of like broken off into little groups That’s why it’s just because I felt like one matter their favor. So if they like it wasn’t like that Diplo we see Diplo free with me. Wait. Did I see Diplo? I thought it’d blow I don’t think I saw Diplo. Wait. No, I don’t I think I saw Diplo and then I went home and then DJ snake was so fun like So lit. Was it really? Yes, it was like “bruh bruh boom” Hello it is me and Millishi Basically, we decided to leave and my bike is locked up with other bikes I don’t have the key to the delock to my bike. And so me and Milly have to take this bike I shared this baby all the way in the dark I don’t know how it’s gonna work Do it because this is our only way home. We made it back. We did it. We did it was insane I sat on the seat and she pedaled like standing. Yeah, and then we cycled like a really scary lady Pedaling away then this guy was like, hey, you want a ride? Oh, I was still is Milly at this point because we were just running around is very hectic could really find it one day – I I don’t find my blog camera. I have it. Where? Day two Okay, basically every days starts and ends the same. You start Optimistic and sleepy, okay. Yeah, you’re excited to like get your outfit on get your makeup on on that. But then you’re also very tired Because you walk like 20,000 miles look at thisin miles steps This is what it looks like to go to Coachella. Day two. We got ready. No, no that don’t look at that I can feel it with my nail, which I want you to have on clean it and then put it back on my face That’s disgusting. We relate to say that but I’m stealing everyone’s makeup. I didn’t bring any You know, I don’t really think I’d be wearing makeup what I would really probably shocks me I really really brought like two things Yeah, yeah Are you look tan ? why are you I don’t why you gonna tan? I don’t know but I appreciate it Oh, I wonder if this could work you’re at a dock Martin all my favorite people are performing today, and I’m really really excited We got tame impala most importantly back to Marco also, most importantly Billy Eilish. We have really just like a bomb lineup I’m gonna get my skirt We went to Coachella, yeah, you know, we went to Coachella We were all very excited for this day, I was extremely excited about this day because Mac tomorrow entertainment Paulo immediately Eilish all in the same day. It was absolutely incredible So good also side note I didn’t really have any of my outfits picked out really She really didn’t like me and summer were the people who really didn’t have her outfits Absolutely Summer like really really really really really didn’t I like seriously did not I went shopping and you guys saw that I did a Little haul and then all I did is just like threw all that in my suitcase And I hope for the best and thank goodness we were in a house full of girls that were very ready for Coachella because I Wore lots of other people’s stuff to make my outfit actually look presentable. Also those lighting is making me mad. We took pictures Mack DeMarco, my name is Mack. He was so good Freaking out I was dying So we left to go to Billy Eilish Lily, are you’re really trying to make it Billy as a pro She’s so so cool and Gary she is the coolest person oh my gosh, she’s so cool Unfortunately, she came out super late and I had to leave early because I wanted to get to Tame Impala So me and Lily ran over to tame Impala because that was what I was looking forward to the absolute most out of anything Ever and it was beautiful the visuals were gorgeous. It was really cool Yeah, of course really really really really good music I Loved him and follow so much because I can like feel the music and I looks like art to me and I just appreciate it so much and like I’ve been listening for a very long time and so it’s kind of like a part of me and I have memories and like Emily Yeah, so that’s another reason why I love it so much and we love early to go to Kid Cudi Which I honestly or cry because I love to him and Paulo don’t even really listen to Kid Cudi Sunday We all had kind of gotten the hang of it so we were like let’s do this it’s gonna get good day Oh We saw YG Gucci King Kind of clean I thoughtfully ate he was good. He was really good. They watched Ariana for a little bit I’m like the biggest ariana fan So like I went into the GI section because they were also doing in VIP Because people don’t know like I didn’t know what any of this stuff was before I’ve actually been VIP is like a little fenced off section worth like six lots of good food food bathrooms, very nice like lawns They have actually good service. The IP is kind of right next to the main stage. So here’s VIP. They were sitting over here So I wanted to get closer So yeah, we were hanging out in the VIP section and then me Ellie Ava Lilly We all went to nightmare is what his name is. It’s like an intense EDM guy It was so fun, we probably had as much fun as you had already good then Ellie loses her phone This is a really bad time to vlog, but I want to show up I am I only lost her phone someone stole my phone I didn’t lose it someone’s psychotic and stole it out of my fanny pack. Yeah, cuz she didn’t drop it or anything So that sucks Coachella people aren’t letting us look for it. So now we’re walking home and we’re leaving our bikes here We’ve had a weird thing with bikes every single night Wow and that was the end of Coachella I kind of ended with them Flying off through Walt the first day and client also sprained her ankle Yesterday Kalani sprained her ankle on the way to Coachella and she’s having to deal with that all day In three days, it felt like two hours It goes by like that you make so many memories Like please definitely want to go to more music festivals and you have the chance You should definitely go to music festival because they’re fun. Don’t do drugs. Don’t do Drive promise Don’t do it ever. We saw a lot of people on drugs. It wasn’t it’s scary and it’s not good It’s not I’m sure it’s not worth it. No, it’s definitely not you got on a Level of craziness and fun. It’s over at so it’s over if you want to go see Hannah’s video link down below Being down below this turns into a collab Yahweh in mind. This happened in Ali’s apartment without her Thank you so much for watching all the way to this point Video comment Kevin you watch all the way at this point. I aren’t Kevin Oh also huge. Thank you to dope for making this trip We couldn’t have made any of this possible without the goat or you guys I’m just happy we have good memories and we can look back on and think about it. Be happy Me too. Yeah, if you wanted positivity there’s a section down there to do that I didn’t say I didn’t say a bad word. I said Judge of the week