What inspires you the most? | Lui Hill Interview – 5000 Miles ♫ | Music Maker JAM

The track 5,000 miles was recorded in
South Africa. I only had a microphone and my computer with me and I was walking
around with my field recorder trying to capture trying to catch all these sounds
around me so I took all these acoustic souvenirs into the song I manipulated
them… at one point you can hear a crow that was flying over my house every day. Hey there, this is Lui Hill and this is my JAM Backstage For five thousand miles the video, we
basically went to LA and got inspired by that place these abandoned streets
during night time. I think for me getting inspired in a different country with
different people is easier than just sitting in my studio at home. My music is
about like this organic sound. I love real instruments but I also love the
synthetic sounds like 808 drums synthesizers and they collide in my
songs. And I love Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Sohn.
Yeah I think if you listen to my music you can hear references of these artists.
Even though I don’t try to copy them, I think I always fail to copy them. My skills
are too poor to copy these artists, but something unique hopefully comes out of
it in the end, and it’s the Lui Hill sound. It’s important to believe in your
own uniqueness, just don’t copy too quickly something that is successful
right now. Just find your own voice and your own colour in music. Hey there this is Lui Hill, and you can remix my track “5,000 Miles” on Music
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