What is the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP)? | Ford Ireland

The official fuel consumption test procedure is changing This new test is called WLTP. It was introduced in September 2017 The new test determines the fuel economy and CO2 emissions that all car manufacturers must publish WLTP has been developed to better reflect day-to-day driving It includes higher speeds and a wider range of driving scenarios It allows for different engines, transmissions and options, like larger wheels In comparison to the previous test data the results will be closer to those you achieve on the road It’s only the official measurement that’s changing The new test will not affect the amount of fuel your car uses CO2 emissions may affect the amount of car tax you pay While WLTP is designed to give more accurate results than the previous test procedure… your fuel economy will vary due to road conditions, vehicle load and the way you drive Please look at our Driving Tips video for ways to improve your fuel economy For more information on WLTP, please visit the Ford website Ford Go Further