white girl ukulele song

I’m just a girl alone in my room. I’m quirky, random and all of my lampshades are paper based Sometimes I hide my face… My stepdad bought me a ukulele, I can’t wait to learn all the songs that speak to me As long as they’re only in the key of C I bet you never ever ever heard this before, but I’m gonna sing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and then I’m going to sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and then probably I’ll do another round of “I’m Yours” Sometimes I’m feeling sad and kinda spent, so I gotta sing accordingly just to vent How do I relay my discontent? I’ll sing all of my Rs with a speech impediment The bars Out under the stars Boys and fast cars Don’t tell you who they truly are I’m going to post a song on my snap story. It’ll cut out every eight seconds, but I don’t seem to realize that Cause I’ll do it twice a week But that’s just… …Me