why do musicians “quit youtube”? (will i?!?!?)

(dodie’s ritual) “So dodie, you’re a musician on YouTube, are you gonna quit and leave like everyone else?” Well.. Here are some reasons as to why, I think, musicians tend to leave YouTube. “Quit YouTube.” For the more mainstream musicians, it’s mostly a time thing. You’re on the road touring or your writing
or you’re in the studio, you’re putting all of your energy into a
giant creative project, about still kinda maybe sharing your life but in a completely different way. But perhaps another equally large reason as to why most musicians quit YouTube, is because of the stigma. Tell a random stranger that you are a youtuber or you make youtube videos; and they will assume that you are a lazy, untalented, self centered, shallow, millennial. And that’s not fair; because only like half of that is true. ba dum tss Point is the super outside, mainstream media has made people like Logan Paul the face of YouTube. And therefore all of the other talented and creative people who share their work on this platform, are hidden away. And associated with people like him. I started youtube making music, I’ve never not made music. I’m pretty good at music. And when other musicians and industry people hear just my music, they want to create and work with me. If someone sees me branded as a youtuber though, it might take some persuading to show them I am legit. It just so tough to present as someone
to be taken seriously. And that’s why so many musicians have left. Youtube has been the best platform for me so far; to put the videos I tend to make. So, my original songs, my covers, the vlogs, updates, whatever. But it was the only place to give me the support and time to keep creating and growing and connecting with millions of other people in this community. And I will forever be so grateful for that. However, I do fear for the recent direction the business is taking. For example, um, hiding and demonetizing a lot of LGBTQ+ content. And the promotion of louder, ruder creators. My friend Sammy summed it up, in a pretty well worded tweet recently. Lucky, YouTube isn’t my sole or even my main platform anymore. I don’t have a schedule. I don’t rely on the views financially. And there are other websites that support video uploading. Because I use YouTube in the most basic way; just a place to put this kind of content. When musicians quit YouTube, we’re not missing them as a “youtuber.” We’re just missing the way in which they shared. And though I’ve taken from that in the past and I might do that again. And recently since like last winter, I did change it and I do feel a lot more comfortable. But I would probably always be sharing in a way. Maybe. Pinch of salt, remember. “So dodie, now that you’re a big shot musician,” No. No one says that.