Wind Blur effect for Avid Media Composer

If part of your business is doing highlight
reels or promos, check out this short Media Composer tutorial for creating a customized
wind blur effect. Start by creating a new sequence. Then give your new sequence a name. Edit two clips to the sequence. In this example, I’ll drag these two clips
here directly to the timeline. Add new video track by using the keyboard
shortcut command Y. Turn off tracks A2, A1, and V1 and turn on
V2. Move the monitor icon to track V2. Move the playhead indicator a few frames before
the edit point, and then press the add-edit button. Then move a few frames past the edit point,
and press the add-edit button again. Navigate to the project window, and click
on the purple effects tab. Find the paint effect within the image category. Drag the paint effect onto the filler area
that you created on V2. Now move the playhead indicator so it’s
parked over the effect. Navigate to the upper left corner of the timeline,
and press the effect mode button. Move over to the record side of the composer
window, and press the reduce button. Click on the first keyframe at the bottom
of the record side. Navigate over to the effect editor window
and click on the rectangle tool. Within the composer window, draw a large rectangle
that covers the entire video frame. Go back to the effect editor window and click
on the mode menu. Change the mode to blur. Twirl down the disclosure triangle for the
mode. Set the vertical and horizontal blur amount
to zero. Navigate back over to the record side of the
composer window and place the position indicator in the middle of the effect. Then press the add-keyframe button. Move back over to the effect editor window,
and set the vertical blur slider to 0, and the horizontal blur slider to 100. Then click on the last keyframe within the
composer window. Move back over to the effect editor window
and set the vertical and horizontal blur back to zero. I’ll back up and play through the timeline
b , and you now have a wind blur effect. The last step is to find a sound effect, so
I’ll drag this whoosh sound to A2. That’s it! Check it out. For other great tips like this or to enroll
in a certified Avid Media Composer training course, visit