Windows Live Movie Maker 2011: How to Trim and Split Video and Music Tracks

Here, it’s possible to trim away scenes that you do not want and edit down to the scenes you need. This is one of the main key parts of video editing. Let’s use the trim option to edit down to a scene in this video track, for example, the flock of birds. With the Start/End trim point buttons, the video track is edited down to the scene needed. SInce this is a larger clip, this creates a problem. The rest of the video clip was lost from here to the end as a result. It may be a good idea to use the trim option for shorter clips rather than longer ones. Let’s try editing by using the Split option. You can split video or music tracks to make them more easier to edit. With the Split option, the video clips are split apart. From here you can delete one of them, add effects and transitions with the other clips, rearrange the clips and more. Splitting video clips does have its advantages. Try the trim and split options on the music track as well. You can select a start point on where you want the music to play, for example, at its climax point. You can also click and drag the music track to a point in the movie where you want it to play.