Woman Believes Musician Boyfriend Is Too Friendly With Female Fans (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Lang versus Roberts. You’ve been together 11 years.
You’re living together. And from your court papers,
you all met old-school. Tell me a little bit
about that. We met on a website
called Yahoo! Personals, that doesn’t even
exist anymore. I mean, that’s
how old this… That is old-school. That is… That is old-school. I reached out to him first,
he responded. We went out for drinks.
We went back to his place. And it just progressed
from that point to here. Tell me, what was it
about whatever he had
on this website that made you say,
“Let me call him”? It was…
It really was
his pictures. There were a lot
of family pictures. Him and his mother,
him and his daughter. It was those
kind of pictures. And it just showed
me that he was… He spent a lot of time
with his family. And you found that attractive? LANG: Yes, ma’am. He seemed like
a good guy? Yes, he did seem
like a good guy. All right.
So what did you
fall in love with? I’d never had anybody
take care of me. Iron my clothes,
things like that. Little things that, you know,
I’d never experienced before. So as your relationship,
you know, grew, what did you grow
to like about her? Her loyalty
was fierce, you know. She was down.
She had my back. She got my back today. I get this. This happened
about two weeks ago. I was sitting at
my desk, working. And I think I was so into
what I was doing, I wasn’t paying attention. The next thing, I looked,
there was a plate,
there was a sandwich, that she had brought to me, because she knew
I was trying to hurry up
and finish so I could eat. But I was just working,
working, working, and the plate
just appeared. Now, it didn’t just
appear, she… Because she loves me,
she was taking care of me. And that’s the kind
of thing that you… That she would do for you. Exactly. Thank you, by the way. You’re welcome. AUDIENCE: Aww. JUDGE DANA: I didn’t even
know you noticed. Yeah, I eventually noticed. So, Ms. Lang,
you were in love, you were doing all these
spectacular little things. What went wrong? I wish I knew. Things seemed to be
going along fine. And then out of the blue,
this woman shows up
at my house to tell me that they
are in a relationship. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) How far into your
relationship was this? Five or six months. What really happened,
was at the time I put that profile up,
I was a lot younger. I got a ton of
responses on that thing, like, the next day, hundreds. JUDGE DANA:
Let me ask you this. Who is this woman that
comes into y’all shared
home and says, “Hey, I’m sleeping
with him, by the way”? ROBERTS: Okay, and I said
all that to say this. I had tried to put
the brakes on us
getting into a relationship, ’cause I was still out there,
playing the field. JUDGE DANA: And this is one
of the people you’re on the
field playing with? Right, I was, uh… How are you gonna
bring her into your house
with your girlfriend? How does that work?
I mean… Did you know
she was coming? Yes, I did. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) You all had just started
your relationship. You said you were reluctant
to get into a relationship with Ms. Lang
’cause you were, quote, “Still kinda out there.”
You’re still messing around
with this other woman, and who comes into your house
and tells Ms. Lang, “I am having a relationship
with Mr. Roberts.” That’s correct. JUDGE DANA:
So what did you do? I held my composure,
because what I wanted to do… (JUDGE DANA LAUGHS) …was grab her
by the back of the head and put her face through
the glass coffee table, is what I wanted to do. JUDGE KEITH: What did you do? I looked at Mr. Roberts, and I said, “Is this true?” He denied it. She looked
at him and said, “You need to own up to it.” At that point, him and her left
the house together. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) I called my mother,
who bought me
a plane ticket. And I was gone from
Alabama in two days. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Roberts,
do you remember this night? I remember it well. You chose the other woman,
and Ms. Lang left. She left, packed herself up. ROBERTS: Chose to leave. Chose to leave. Now, clearly,
you got back together
because you’re here. LANG: Correct. And you’ve been together
for 10 years since that. That’s correct. Okay, what is it that makes
you think he’s cheating now, after 10 years? A couple years back, we were at
a Mexican restaurant. His band was
playing that night. He asked me if
I would go, I went. I’m sitting at the table. This woman walks over to me, hands me a note,
and walks away. So I opened
the note up to read it, and she proceeds
to tell me how her and Stacee
are seeing each other. She’s been to his house, they’ve done all these
great things together. I walk up to the stage
where he is at, throw the note on his drum,
and walk out the door. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE DANA: Wow. So who was this woman
that walked across? ROBERTS: This was
a childhood friend. Okay. We had had relations at
one time when we were young. Something happened. And I don’t remember
the particulars, but… I do remember her warning me,
“I’m gonna get you back.” Okay, you are
saying that this woman was someone
you had a relationship with
before Ms. Lang? This goes back to high school. But you did something
that made her mad, and she said, “I got you.” ROBERTS:
That’s exactly right. And so that’s what
happened here. That’s right. So you’re saying that since
you’ve been with Ms. Lang,
you have not had any sexual relationship
with that woman. No, no. Ms. Lang, do you have any
other reason to believe
that he’s cheating? Yes, sir, I do.
A couple months ago, I start getting messages
on Facebook Messenger. “Hey, I just wanna let you know
that Stacee and my ex
are together. “They’re getting
hotel rooms together.” Who did you receive this
Messenger message from? It’s either the boyfriend
or the ex-boyfriend or… I don’t know what he is,
don’t know who he is, don’t really care. When you get this
message, what do you do? LANG: I confronted
Mr. Roberts with it. “Oh, he’s lying. “He’s just mad because
his girlfriend left him. “Don’t believe anything
you hear from him.” So we blocked him. Apparently, he made
a new Facebook profile
to get ahold of me. JUDGE DANA: Wow. And at the same time,
he’s saying, “Oh, and I know this must
be hard on you. I can
help you through this.” So, Mr. Roberts, you think
he was doing this to cause
trouble with your girlfriend and to get
with her, potentially? Exactly. So did you get any other
messages from this gentleman? On the second message
that he sent me, he messaged me and told me, “Hey, Stacee
picked up so-and-so, “and they’re
at this hotel.” Gave me specifics
on what hotel they were at. JUDGE DANA: What do you do
with that information? I get in my car… Of course, you do. …and I go to the hotel. And lo and behold,
his vehicle is in
the parking lot. What did you do when you
pull up and see his vehicle? I called him about 60 times. JUDGE DANA:
From the parking lot? LANG: Yes, ma’am. Do you ever reach him
on the phone? Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.
We don’t answer the phone.
We don’t answer… We don’t call me back
until about two hours later. JUDGE DANA: Are you still
at the parking lot? No, ma’am, I sat there
for about 30 minutes, took pictures of his vehicle
to let him know that I was
in that parking lot, and I knew that he was there. Did you send those
pictures to him? LANG: Yes, I did. Oh. Mr. Roberts,
how did you explain
this to your girlfriend? Like it was.
I was there with
mostly male friends. It was an aftershow,
uh, thing. I fell asleep. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) ROBERTS: I fell asleep. Hey, I’m old, I’m getting… Those shows take
a lot out of me now. So you’re in a hotel
with a bunch of guys,
hanging out, and you just fall asleep. (STAMMERING)
That’s exactly… Yes. So the question is,
what is at stake, Ms. Lang? LANG:This entire relationship.JUDGE KEITH:
This 11-year relationship?
find that he’s cheating,
you’re done?
LANG: Yes, ma’am. JUDGE KEITH: ‘Cause you’ve
taken him back
one time already. Yes. And I’ve stood beside him. I’ve been his ride-or-die.
My heart hurts. Tell him how your heart
is feeling right now. I hurt, Stacee. I hurt because
I’ve given you 11 years. And you can say,
“Oh, well, you’re
not a saint, “you’re not this,
you’re not that.” But you know what?
I can sit down today and take a lie
detector test and pass it
with flying colors. I don’t… Because I have not… I’ve cheated on you one time, and it was 30 days
into our relationship. When you weren’t invested
to begin with. Apparently,
you weren’t, either. But I became invested
in you, in all of you. I could give that a pass. I don’t have any problem
giving that a pass. But I think
there’s been others. There has not ever
been any others. Well, Mr. Roberts,
that was 11 years ago. Since that time,
she’s taken you back. And now here we are.
So what I wanna ask you is… What are you hoping for,
for this relationship? Uh… I love her. I, uh…We’ve spent a lot of
time together.
I don’t think
I’ve done her right.
But I’m…I’m ready to vest
into it, and… Then, Stacee, if you’re
ready to invest in this, why, when a show is over, can you not pack up
your drums and bring your tail home? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Okay. To get to the bottom
of these cheating allegations, the court has retained
the services of licensed
private investigator and Special Agent
to the FBI,
Mr. Kendall Shull. And we’re gonna call
him at this time. Ron, please escort
Mr. Shull into the courtroom. RON: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) RON: Kendall Shull. How are you, Mr. Shull? SHULL: Great, Your Honor.
Thank you. And how are you? We’re well. Good. Good to see you. Mr. Shull,
would you state your
credentials, please, for the court? I spent a number of years
as a Special Agent with the FBI
in Washington, D.C. Uh, I… The last 10 years
of that career was spent
at the polygraph program. After completing
a master’s degree
in polygraph, I became head of the entire
FBI’s polygraph program. Can you please
explain your process when administering
a polygraph test? When I administer
a polygraph exam, I always take time first, just to have a talk
with the litigant, engage them in conversation,
and make them more comfortable. Did Mr. Roberts provide you
with any useful information? SHULL: He did, Your Honor. Mr. Roberts told me
that he believes that he is going
through a mid-life crisis. Oh, God. He said he was
practically a nerd
in high school. LANG: Oh. And now, playing in this band, is everything that they say
about picking up women. Mr. Lang, are you going
through a mid-life crisis? Yeah. Yes, ma’am, Your Honor. Can you describe what that
feels like or looks like? (STAMMERING) It feels like… Do you remember when
you were in high school?
I don’t know. Vaguely. I didn’t enjoy high school. Had problems talking
to females. Fast forward to
this band stuff. It’s just like shooting
fish in a barrel. So as a musician,
you’ve got your run
of the ladies? ROBERTS: Exactly. Something you didn’t
have before in life. You didn’t have it
in high school. Absolutely not. You didn’t have earlier on. I did not. So women are like… You’re in a band,
you play the drums,
the drums are hot, and they wanna be with you? Kinda. JUDGE KEITH:
Now, Mr. Roberts,
you’re in court, so you’re sworn
to tell the truth. Are you acting on any
of these advances that these women are
throwing themselves at you? ROBERTS: Uh… Maybe. It’s yes or no. (STAMMERING) You don’t maybe
have sex with somebody. Can I talk? There have been some instances. I got involved
with this music stuff. It did make the opportunities
a lot easier. And I did…
I did cheat on her. I have had some relations
with other females. JUDGE KEITH: The night
you were at the hotel, that you say you were
with your buddies, were you with another woman? Yes. You’ve told her
you loved her. I’ve seen the messages
between you two. What has she done for you? It’s been…
When did you
start menopause? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Six years ago?
Seven years ago? How long does it
usually last? You have not made one,
uh, sexual advance at me in six, seven years. Mr. Roberts. As a man, I cannot let you
blame menopause for this. I don’t understand. You have got to take
ownership for what you did. First, you’re blaming
the music, then you’re
blaming menopause. At some point, you’ve
got to look in the mirror
and say, “It’s me.” This is a choice you made. Look, now… When you were in the hotel
and you claimed you were
with your buddies but you were really
with that woman, was that the only time
you were with that woman? No, that’s not the only time. JUDGE DANA: Is this an ongoing
relationship with this woman? Yes. We have been doing this
for… Probably since May. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) How many times have you
been with this other woman? LANG: A lot. A lot. When did you
break it off? We haven’t seen
each other in two weeks. Is that just because you
haven’t had the opportunity to be with her
in the last two weeks? ‘Cause that’s
what it sounds like. No, I’ve had the opportunity. Have you told her,
“I am done.
I am with Ms. Lang”? Has that conversation
taken place? No. JUDGE DANA: All right. Then you haven’t
broken it off. JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Lang. Yes, sir. Do you want this
relationship to work? JUDGE DANA: Ms. Lang,
if you love him, you love him. And it’s okay to love him. But you need a man
who loves you as much as you
deserve to be loved. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Do you wanna be
in this relationship? Maybe you found
a new life
as a musician. I’m in. You’re a musician.
So if you want harmony
in this relationship, you gotta get it together. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You have a lot to work on. This court has counseling
available for you, as you try to figure out
how you’re gonna move
forward from this point. And we want you to take
advantage of that counseling. As we say in this court, don’t cheat yourself
out of a chance for a good relationship. Court is adjourned.