Wood Grilled Pizza: Pizza or Flatbread? || Really Dough?

– There’s the
smoke from the dough off the wood fire. Cured fish goes on top. It’s salt, sugar, and then we
moisten that with some Mezcal. – This is alcoholic fish? – A touch, a very touch. – I’m Scott, and
I eat all kinds of pizza. But my friend, Mark, he is a pizza purist. So we’re trying the craziest concoctions claiming to be pizza. But are they “Really Dough?” – Smells like Trix cereal. – Marky Mark! – Hi, Scott. – What’s up, man? – How can I help you? – I’m hungry. I figured I’d come over and see if you were making a
little breakfast for me. – I got some breakfast
in the oven, actually. – I smelled it from outside. What do you got? Omelet, french toast. – Bagels.
– Bacon? – Bagels.
– Bagels. – Bagels.
– Bacon? – Bagels.
– You make bagels now? – Just for breakfast. – I didn’t even know
you had a toaster oven. – It’s in the pizza oven. – No, it’s not. – Scott, they’re in the oven. – I always have a lot
of questions about your brain. Hold the phone, wait a second. Number one. You’re eating rainbow bagels, Mr. Purist. There’s pizza for every
color of the rainbow. Who’s boxed in? – Don’t you ever bring me a rainbow pizza. Yep. – OK, fine. Number two,
misusing a pizza oven. – Scott, I’m making myself breakfast. – This is a holy temple, is it not? – It’s breakfast. – I just feel like when I
go to places that make pizza and they make other things, you know, they got different devices. You got a pizza oven. You got a microwave. You got a pizza oven. You got a grill. – Well I just have a pizza oven, so I need to improvise
and the bagels are– – Oh my God, you ever go to Speedy Romeo? – No. – You know they make most
of their pizza in the oven, but there’s one pizza
that they do on the grill. – They don’t cook it in an oven. – No, no, no, they grill the dough, and then they add the gravlax. There’s breakfast stuff on there. – How do you feel about that? – It’s awesome. You know what? Let’s eat these rainbow bages,
and then I’m gonna go out. I’ll get the gravlax pizza,
and then I’ll bring you– – I’ll make breakfast. – I’ll bring you brunch. – You bring lunch. – Well, it depends on
how fast they get it. – Today’s Tuesday, isn’t
that on the weekends? Brunch? – Dude, anytime you’re
eating breakfasty food– – OK, go get brunch. – I will. I’m gonna take
my breakfast on the road. Smells like Trix! – Justin! – Scott! – What’s up, man? How are you, sir? – Good, how are you? – I’m excellent man. Oh,
it smells amazing in here. – Thank You.
– Is it You? Wood fire. No, I did put on
deodorant for you today, though. – Thank you. I’m interested
in a brunch pizza. – A brunch pizza. The gravlax? – The Gravlax Pizza, exactly. You grill it. You flip it. – Grill it, flip it,
top it. You got the gravlax. It’s almost like a bagel with lox. – Excellent, sound good. – Did you need that today? – If you’re ready to grill
it up, I’m ready to– – Well grab a seat. – All right, I’ll go grab a
mimosa. Is that a brunch drink? – That’s a brunch drink, yeah. – Sorry, I haven’t had
many brunches in my life. – As I took
my seat in the dining room, my mind started to spin. “What is Mark gonna think?” I mean, this pizza’s not baked
in an oven, it’s grilled. – When you walk into a pizzeria, the aroma should punch
you right in the face. Sauce, cheese, dough, that’s it. Pizza should look as good as it tastes. Pizza should be baked in an oven. – And it’s topped with gravlax, does he even know what that is? And then you’re gonna make a proclamation? – A what? How do you say it? – Foie gras. – The melted ice cubes. – Melted ice. That’s called water. – I don’t think he knows what gravlax is. What have I gotten myself into? – Relax, partner.
Time to grill up some gravlax. ♪ Grilling your pizza right, oh yeah! ♪ – We’re going to
make the Gravlax pizza today. – Break it down, grill master. – Start by pressing into the center, one hand holding, one hand pulling. And from here we’re going
onto the grill. Ready? – You know I am, cowboy. There ain’t nothing more
natural than pizza on an all-American, wood-fire grill. Now let’s whip it! – This is a brush we make with rosemary, tarragon, and parsley. – Only a man and
his grill could get this dough hotter than a deep-fried June bug. – We’re getting
it crispy on all sides. ♪ Fire it up tonight. Pizza’s in sight. ♪ – OK, so from now after
the dough comes of the grill, this ricotta spread is gonna
be your sauce for this pizza. This pie is just like a
big pile of bagels and lox. – Better than Bubbe used to make. – The mix in this
gravlax is salt, sugar, fennel seed, and a little bit of Mezcal. – Oh, caliente! – Pickled red onion
to cut through the fat. Capers in salt, garnish of fennel fronds, ground red pepper flake, lemon juice, Sicilian olive oil, and that’s it, voila. – Yee-haw, let’s brunch! – Let’s take this out to Scott. – C’mon, Bessie, mimosa time! – Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. – Yes, yes, yes, yes. Finally. – Gravlax pie. Wait, let me get a quick
pick before you cut it up. I see what you’ve got. – Yeah, maybe a boomerang, right? – Because I want to compare
this to the last time I took a picture of this,
which was August 2015. – Wow. Shall we? – Yeah, let’s go for it. Let’s rip it up. – See, even with
the grill you get that crunchy bottom. OK, dig in. – All right, you gonna join me? – Oh I get to have some too. – Sharing is caring, come on. – Quality control. – Yeah, seriously. This is an easy one — softball question: Is this a pizza? – Of course. It’s round. It’s
on dough. It has toppings. – If it’s not round, is it not a pizza? – No, well, that’s a… oh. – Say a word for it. – OK, then it’s
dough and it has toppings. – OK. I want
to dive right into it. – Do, please. Yes.
– Can we rock this? – Please, yes. Going in. – Happy brunch. – Cheers. – Awesome crunch. Awesome crunch. How does your chef’s brain
take this concept of pizza and throw all these completely un-pizza-like elements on top? – I try to hit all the flavor profiles. So you have salty, you
have a little bit of sweet. You have some sour. Extra salt is in those capers
that are cured in salt, so a little burst of flavor. But then you got that
lemon juice on there, with the pickled onion to cut
through the fresh ricotta. You got the chile flake for some heat. Careful, you got the chile. – The gravlax,
it’s so thinly sliced. How in the heck do you cut it this thin? – I used to work at Dean and
Deluca, at the fish counter. That was when I first moved to New York, and these crazies would
come in and be like, “Let me taste the Nova Scotia,” you know? And I’d give them some,
and they’d be like, “It’s too thick.” And then
they’d walk away. – That was my Aunt Rhoda. That’s the person who did that to you. On paper, I always have
been telling myself that if it’s topped before
it’s baked, it’s pizza. And if it’s topped after, it’s
more generally a flatbread. And that’s still, I think,
what my heart tells me, but if I’m looking at this on the side. If you ignore, and don’t
tell anybody what’s on top, I mean, this is pizza crust. – Yeah, it is. – Doesn’t matter if the bread
is fried, baked, grilled. – Not to me. – Doesn’t matter to you.
Great, great, great. Honestly, I don’t care what Mark calls it. I mean, this is a delicious pizza. But I know I’m gonna eat at
least half of this right now. Do you mind whipping up one
more so I can take it to him? – I can, for sure. – Cool, man. – To Mark, love Justin. – You think that’s gonna sway him? – I don’t know. – I gotta be careful with this. It’s precious cargo right now. I’ll let you know what he thinks. – Appreciate it, always good to see you. – Thanks for having me, man. – You taking this home? – I’m just gonna eat this on the walk. Aw, Mr. Marky you’re
cleaning up for me. Good. Because have I got something for you. – This is the brunch pizza. – This is the brunch pizza. Oh, Justin wrote a note. – To Mark, heart Justin. – Yeah, sweet, right? – Wow, the smell punches
you right in the face. – Doesn’t it? The capers… – When you walk into a pizzaria the aroma should punch
you right in the face. – Let’s break this down a little bit. – Wait, what’s this? – Oh, pickled peppers. Let’s walk through this. – I want to eat it. – You want to eat it? – All right, OK, do your pizza… thing – Well, you tell me what’s on it. – Gravlox, capers. – Yeah, the pickled onions. – It just smells so unbelievable, I want to eat it right now. – Yeah, well dude, bust into it. – Ready? – Yeah. – OK. I’m taking this guy. Wow. – Right? – This is phenomenal. – Isn’t it? What stands
out to you, right away? – I don’t know if it’s
the salmon, or his oven, that gives a phenomenal
smokey flavor to it. – He doesn’t even use an oven for this. This is grilled, man, I was telling you. One pizza that they do on the grill. – Grill. What do you mean grill? – Look at the underside, this is grilled on his wood-fired grill. – Is the salmon, is that smoked? – No, this is cured. – How do they cure it? – He does it in-house, I don’t know. Salt, and herbs. I guess
we can call Justin and ask. – Mm-hmm. – Really? Should we call Justin? – Yes, sir? – JB, it’s S-dubs, coming to you live. – Hey. – Hi Justin, it’s Mark. – Hey Mark, how are you? – Great, um, quick question.
The salmon, do you smoke it? – No, it’s just cured. – All right. – The smoke is coming from the underside of the grill mostly. – From underneath, that’s
what I was going to say, because when you’re cooking in an oven, the smoke comes down from top, it really doesn’t settle onto the pizza. When you doing it from underneath, you’re getting the smokey flavor. – So then that smoke
really settles into the oil. – Justin, thanks a lot man. – Miss you, Mark! – You’re the best! Justin, I gotta tell you, you have the best laugh
I’ve ever heard in my life. – There it is. – Thanks, buddy. – Later, man. – Bye. – Bye. – So I didn’t know that this
was the one from the grill. They don’t cook it in an oven? On the grill? They can
cook pizza on a grill. – Gravlax pizza is
actually made on a grill. – Look at the underside. This is grilled. I told you that before,
you don’t listen to me. – It makes total sense. When you cook in the wood ovens, the smoke really doesn’t
settle down onto the pizza. It just hits the highest point of the door and goes right up the chimney. That’s why you see a lot of pizzaiolos, they’ll lift the pizza high. – To get smoke on it. – For one of two reasons. One to get smoke on it, and two to like flash cook it sometimes. But yeah, this is fantastic. – That’s good. That’s obvious. If you didn’t say you
liked it, you’d be insane. But is this pizza? It’s grilled, and it’s topped with non-common pizza toppings. You’re not going to find
this at, like, Joe’s Pizza. – You know, I like it so much that I’m gonna have to say it’s pizza. – So just because you like it– – Yes. – You like this but,
there’s no sauce on it. – Uh, there’s no sauce
on a white pie either. – He loves it so much, he’s
gonna say it’s a pizza, even though it violates his rules. This is unprecedented. I’m loving it, and I’m honored to be here
and share it with you, Mark. Now the pepper’s getting away from me. I want it without the peppers. I mean, I love the peppers in general, but I don’t need them
on this pie right now. It’s so beautiful. It’s like a beautiful
song, and they put, like, a really big tuba on it. – Amazing pizza doesn’t even shut you up. Just eat, enjoy it. – You sound like my mom. – You’re still talking. – And you look like her.
No I’m just kidding. – Now, enjoy these dope beats. – Thanks for watching. And don’t forget to
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