YOGA CHALLENGE for Arms & Shoulders. Purvottanasana (Upward Plank Pose). Shoulder strength.

“Hi I’m Lin”, “and I’m Leo. Welcome back”.
“Yes and today we’re going to come into Purvottanasana. A challenging action. It
demands quite a lot of agility in the shoulders. So Leo’s going to
demonstrate this for us.” “Lucky me! [Laughter] Have two yoga bricks if you’ve got them.” “Okay, so
one of the things is very difficult for a lot of students when coming into this
pose is maintaining the lift and the agility in the shoulder and the socket. So
as you can see here that Leo’s got her hands are onto some bricks and there’s
a slight kink in the elbow, that’s absolutely fine, and lift in the chest. And then the legs come straight. That’s it. There is a version that you can do with
bent legs.” [Laughter} “I was rather hoping we were going to do the bent leg version! But there we go.” “Okay, so what’s really key here is to keep that pelvis lifted and continue to
lift it to make space in your upper body. So take a nice deep breath in and up
you go. Yes so all of this area needs to lift up even more, even more, even more,
and roll those shoulders back and down and then take a breath in, releasing completely. So it’s quite nice that adjustment of
lifting the back of the pelvis but you have to try and get that your self. And
then we’ll have a go without using the bricks. This is a lot harder so once you feel
that space in your body then see how you get on with the classic pose and again
this is really good for your arms and your upper body strength. So taking a
nice deep breath and extending up through the body and coming up. Oh great! So remember that lift that’s it and grow and get that lift. Yes – and roll even more in
the shoulders. Lift – yes and lift in the chest. And then taking a breath in
and releasing. Good. This is a strong, strong action Purvottasana, A very good one to add to your sequencing and to your practice. We will be bringing this in to our led practice, with our upper arm agility and strength.” “And I have to tell you if I’d have known that Lin was going to suggest that, then I’d have got her to do the one without the bricks!” [Laughter]