What’s up, my name is Roomie welcome to another video it is 16:31 on a Wednesday and me and Jonas my editor who is behind the camera you can wave if you want yes Very good. We’ve invited some friends, and we’re gonna do a face off in a try not to laugh challenge between each other try not to laugh challenge is somthing that has been made like a million times, and yes, they have been done a million times We’ve been inspired mainly by ‘All Def Digital’ and their dad jokes videos, which are hysterical. We wanted to try it ourselves and put our twist on it, so we’ve added some music elements. Anyway, let’s let’s get it set up **Montage Music Plays** Amazing beats!1!!!111!!! this probably took awhile i’m glad they put effort into this i love roomie(rami) he is an amazing guy Okay, so we finally like arrived. Everything’s set up, our friends are here, our three friends. That’s all the friends we have So let’s *clapssssss* get started with some jokes. (HHEYGUYSS) What’s the difference between a musician and a pizza? I don’t know the pizza can feed a family of four I i Like that joke what sound does a 747 airplane make when it bounces Boeing,Boeing,Boeing (Nice one) Did you get that? I’m just not laughing. It’s a good joke I never wanted to believe That my dad was stealing from his job as a road worker But when I got home all the signs were there ( Jonas laughs at his own joke) *Jonas still laughing* AHHAHA NO! Roomie: time for a christmas song. *Christmas music* Roomie: Why does Santa omm..(muffled) have such a big sack Jonas: I Don’t know Roomie: cause he only comes once a year *Jonas laughs* Jonas: what did the buffalo say to his son when he dropped him off at school? Roomie: i dont know. Jonas: Bison. hysterical laughter in background roomie-that’s a good one Roomie: Im not gonna give that a laugh but it was good. Roomie: How did I get from Iraq to Pakistan. Jonas: I don’t know. Roomie: Iran Jonas: What do you get when you drop a piano down a mineshaft, Roomie: I don’t know Jonas: *strum* a-flat minor Roomie: What did the sign of an out of business brothel say Jonas: i dont know. Roomie: *beat it*. We’re closed! *Jonas once more laughing* HAHA NO! Jonas: HEHEHE Jonas:How does NASA organize a party Roomie: I don’t know Jonas; they planet Roomie: Ahhhhhh Roomie: That’s not a laugh joke that’s an odd joke Roomie: When is Father’s Day, Jonas: I don’t know Roomie: nine months before Mother’s Day Jonas: That’s a light chuckle joke then yeah Jonas: What’s the difference between a piano tuna and a pot of glue, Roomie: I don’t know Jonas: You can tune a piano, but you can’t a piano a tuna Jonas: I knew you’d get stuck on that *Mass laughter* Roomie: What pan is the best to make sushi in Jonas: I don’t know Roomie: *Japan* Roomie: Exactly exactly Jonas: did you hear that i heard the *snort sound* Jonas: i did that but then i also farted Roomie: TEN MINUTE BREAK! Roomie: *strum zoom* So before we continue with the jokes I want to take a moment to thank today’s sponsor Roomie: Skillshare, it’s an online learning community with over 18,000 classes where you can learn things like music and singing and youtubing. Roomie: for youtubing I definitely recommend draw with Jazz’s course It’s an exclusive on Skillshare And I learned a bunch of things that I didn’t know and I’m already a full time youtuber so definitely check that out Roomie: Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to courses from experts in their fields, Roomie: *while wearing Headpatch* and it’s really affordable It’s only $10 per month if you have an annual subscription Roomie: *no longer wearing headpatch* the first 1,000 people who sign up with this link will get their first two months for only 99 cents That’s actually not a joke. It’s just a good deal Thanks once again to skill share and let’s get back to the video. Okay, you can you can get out of my face Roomie: You’ve been part of its church, right Roomie: Getting the Church vibes Jonas: yes Roomie: Do you know where the poor Italians live Jonas: no Roomie: In *spaghetto* it shouldnt be that funny but it is What does a Grape say After it stepped on I don’t know Nothing it just lets out a little *wine* That’s great, I would have thought it was funnier if I didn’t hear it as crepe. Oh starts to strum guitar again
roomie – laughs Roomie: Why does dr. Pepper come in a bottle because his wife died All right wait hello hi mom i cant speak but*in swedish* It is mom. I love it
jonas *icant spaek right now* , *were in the middle of a shoot* yes we have eaten … btu tommorow we’d love to eat that Huh, yes ,i love you too did you ask if she did my laundry yet haha shutup What’s the biggest lie in the universe I don’t know I have read and agree to the Terms of Service That’s a side joke apparently What’s the most unrealistic part of Harry Potter, I don’t know a ginger with two freinds C Eb flat and G walked into a bar the barman said sorry. We don’t serve minors What days are the strongest I don’t know Saturday and Sunday the rest are weekdays What does an angry pepper do I don’t know you it gets *Jalapeno* face? Whats beethoven’s favorite fruit, I don’t know *BaNaNaNa* fail at playing it in tune i failed so hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *so hard* How do you make holy water, I don’t know You boil the sh*t out of it. No you boil the hell out of it Roomie:*in deep voice* What concert Only costs forty five cents. I don’t know 50 Cent featuring Nickelback*fails to get words out* bow to three friends or audience triumphant music announcing roomie won Thank you guys so much watching and I also won with the most important thing anyway. Thanks guys you suck this piano this get me every time its so ugly do you What do you get when you drop our paint What do you get when you drop it drop What do you get? I Know I talked about how smooth. I thought Justin Bieber was in the video where he explained away the auto-tune Live today We’re gonna be playing games my god your the wost thanks for watching i hope these helped